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Go Livnot!

So maybe you want to go to Israel this summer. But you no longer qualify for birthright israel, or you didn’t get into ROI120, or you just don’t exactly have all the cash available for the airfare.

Livnot U’Lehibanot (Hebrew for To Build and to be Built) offers a number of innovative programs for people in their 20’s and 30’s. Livnot trips are a combination of hiking, touring, learning and community service. Not the typical Israel experience, Livnot will expose you to places you won’t see on a packaged tour and you will learn unexpected things about Israel, Judaism and yourself. The activities are diverse: working on bomb shelters in the North, informal classes, hiking, touring, crawling through history in the Bar Kochba caves, watching the sun rise in the Judaean desert, and more.

Even at this late date there are a few spaces still left. The trips are highly subsidized, starting at just $250, which includes all program costs and round-trip airfare from New York. Please check out the Livnot site for more information.

Extend your trip and make it a point to get in touch with Michael and I in Jerusalem. First beer is on Jewlicious!

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