You guys know I see other blogs, right? I mean, I do love Jewlicious, but no need for me to be exclusive. It’s a worldwide web, man, and we’re just living in it. I’m doing more Moonlighting than David Addison, Maddie Hayes, Agnes Dipesto and Herbert Viola did together.

So I wanted to share my two latest posts for Beliefnet: the Woody Allen on the American Apparel bulletin board story and a recap of why Israel is sexing up its image.

Plus, over at JTA, a post  you’ll love to hate or hate to love, or something: Intermarriage Destroys Judaism; Does Intramarriage Equal Racism?

And just to clarify and cut reactionaries off at the proverbial pass, I used that title because I clearly don’t believe that either position is essentially true. Discuss all you want, here or there. Just keep it civil and productive, I beg of you…you’ll feel better about yourself in the morning.

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