The words of Israeli author Meir Shalev at yesterdays rally of 100-200K people in Tel Aviv demanding the PM to go home. Conjuring up the stiff-neckedness of ancient Israel, Olmert is a King whose time has come and gone.

With his ratings hovering at the 2 percent level, Olmert clings desperately to political life. He may not resign it seems until he has a chance to kill all the investigations against him. Or maybe until he gets a call from God.

Many political foes and opportunists hover in the isles, some willing to wait it out and others going in for the kill. The political vultures are unfortunately not much better alternatives to the current PM. Will it be Livni? Will it be Bibi? Will it be someone whose name does not end in “i”? Sadly, it appears that the potential leaders of Israel are all cut from the same cloth.

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