Blogger Mobius at Jewschool seems to be bothered by the fact that Israel is not an 100% perfect country, yet American Jews have the audacity to throw a parade to celebrate its independence. He contrasts a quote from the Israeli Supreme Court president, stating that Israel has a number of problems, with a picture of Americans with Israeli flags. See, see?

No, I don’t.

Does this mean before going to the St. Patrick’s day parade we must first read up on Ireland and make sure nothing unfair ever happens in that part of the world? Or how about July 4–America, too, has “experienced failure, social inequality, growing poverty in wide class circles, and lack of faith in all institutions the public is in need of.” So is it disgusting that we don’t all spend the American independence day filling out forms to head to Canada, or perhaps wiring bombs to place in the nearest McDonalds?

Mobius makes the now-classic mistake of not knowing the difference between criticizing Israeli policy and denying Israel’s right to exist. American Jews are celebrating that there is a Jewish state. What precisely does Mobius know about critiques these very paraders do or don’t make of Israeli policies? What many of these “Zionists” want is just for Israel to get judged by the same standard as other states, and not told every two seconds to remove itself from the world map.

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