The stoners have 4:20 (I cannot for the life of me figure that out) and I got this email from Miriam Leah and she was all pumped up about making 6/13 a special day. 613 as in 613 Mizvahs* we have in the Torah. So I thought, any time to promote doing some mitzvahs is ok by me. A few of her suggestions:

1. Look at the clock very early in the morning (6:13), or during dinner (6:13), and shout “Hooray!” Or, you can shout, “Mitzvahs, yay!” It doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as it sounds exciting :o)

2. Have a mitzvah competition.

3. Have a candy seudah (festiva meal):

  • Gummy Fish
  • Chocolate Milk Soup
  • Chocolate covered matzah
  • Green apple sour stick green beans?
  • Baked Bean candies?
  • Animal crackers…
  • And the Dvar Torah is: Mitzvahs are fun 🙂 and Torah is Sweet 🙂

    4. Do a really crazy mitzvah you would never think of doing!

    5. Do regular mitzvahs, but just have turbo kavanah

    Feel free to add ideas below!

    *606 in the Torah and 7 instituted by the Prophets.

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