Jewlicious friend Aaron Small and co-conspirators (Levi Felix, Keirsten Hammett, Matt Harnack, Yaakov Lehman from DAJUS, Joe Madden, Molly Prentiss) are heading off this weekend on an environmental awareness journey/joy-ride, on a totally vegi oil powered converted school bus (above) to the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival in TN. The bus and the ride are called the Moishe Mobile. And that is not all…

The Chillaroo Crew, a team of 8 young adult activists, set out in the Moishe Mobile to learn, educate, and inspire those they meet on their cross country journey to the Bonnaroo music and arts festival.

The veggie powered Moishe Mobile is making stops in cities along the way to ask the question, “How can we make the world a better place?”

Don’t forget to say tefilas haderech! and have a wonderful journey!

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Rabbi Yonah


  • thhanks for the post dude.

    we’ve started to upload videos on our site as well. the blog is up, we’re doing havdallah and shabbos at bonnaroo…

    come stop by the bus! and check back!

  • My kids, their friends and I greatly enjoyed spending Shabbat at Bonnaroo with the Chillaroo Crew. With the Crew’s assistance, we were able to experience a measure of kedusha (holiness) and spiritual connection even in the crazy environment of Bonnaroo, and their energy, insight, commitment and wisdom were most welcome and inspirational gifts and blessings to us, to Bonnaroo and to the planet. May HaShem bless you all in abundance.

  • Hey there, i just came across this site while looking up the moishe mobile and remembering my wonderful summer on cheese tour…
    However, i really wanted to let you guys know, and especially yaakov lehman, that i sincerely enjoyed spending shabat with you at bonnaroo… it was a very amazing experience to do that in such a place. what a great guy! peace out guys, hopefully i’ll see you in the near future