Stand With Israel Rally in DC, Sunday June 10, 2-4pm

Jewish Activist organizations are holding a rally in DC this weekend. The rally is to counter the effects of the large anti-Israel rally on the same day. I blogged about this program, “The World Says NO to Israeli Occupation,” last month, asking people to infiltrate the program and well, attempt to influence the discussions in new and creative ways, among other things. Anyway.. Now a major rally is being planned for DC to counter this anti-Israel rally.

Place: Begin assembling on the west side of 3rd Street on the Mall, between Madison Drive and Jefferson Drive at 1:00 PM. Our exact location may change. Please check here before the rally, and look for our American and Israeli flags on June 10.

* The Counter-Rally: The Stand with Israel Counter-Rally begins at 2:00 PM and lasts until 4:00 PM
* The March: The March from the Capitol to the Ellipse begins at 4:00 PM. We plan to march with our signs and flags parallel to, but apart from, the main demonstration.

What to bring: Bring a cell phone, food, water, a hat, and sunscreen.

Transportation: Don’t drive–there is limited public parking on Capitol Hill. Take the metro to either Union Station on the red line or Capitol South on the orange/blue lines

Bus From New York City: We have confirmed that we will be able to charter a bus from New York to D.C. this Sunday, June 10th. The cost of the bus is $10 for students and $20 for non-students. The pick-up will be in front of the Empire state building at the corner of 34th and 5th at 9:00 a.m. WE WILL LEAVE BY 9:15 THE LATEST SO PLEASE BE ON TIME. The bus has limited seating so please rsvp to Michelle at mrojas@standwithus.com, to let us know that you will be using the bus as your mode of transportation down to D.C. Furthermore, if you plan on driving please inform Michelle as well if you have any extra room for passengers and/or materials. Don’t forget to bring lunch with you…we will most likely be stopping at a mini-mart but in any case, everyone should have something to hold them over. As well as water, a hat, Israeli and American flags if you have them, and most importantly, your love for Israel!

* AMCHA – The Coalition for Jewish Concerns
* American Jewish Congress Western Region
* Americans for a Safe Israel
* Center for Vigilant Freedom
* Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign
* Endowment for Middle East Truth
* Free Republic
* Society of Americans for National Existence
* Stand With Us
* The David Project
* United American Committee
* Unity Coalition for Israel
* Zionist Organization of America

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