Stand With Israel Rally in DC, Sunday June 10, 2-4pm

Jewish Activist organizations are holding a rally in DC this weekend. The rally is to counter the effects of the large anti-Israel rally on the same day. I blogged about this program, “The World Says NO to Israeli Occupation,” last month, asking people to infiltrate the program and well, attempt to influence the discussions in new and creative ways, among other things. Anyway.. Now a major rally is being planned for DC to counter this anti-Israel rally.

Place: Begin assembling on the west side of 3rd Street on the Mall, between Madison Drive and Jefferson Drive at 1:00 PM. Our exact location may change. Please check here before the rally, and look for our American and Israeli flags on June 10.

* The Counter-Rally: The Stand with Israel Counter-Rally begins at 2:00 PM and lasts until 4:00 PM
* The March: The March from the Capitol to the Ellipse begins at 4:00 PM. We plan to march with our signs and flags parallel to, but apart from, the main demonstration.

What to bring: Bring a cell phone, food, water, a hat, and sunscreen.

Transportation: Don’t drive–there is limited public parking on Capitol Hill. Take the metro to either Union Station on the red line or Capitol South on the orange/blue lines

Bus From New York City: We have confirmed that we will be able to charter a bus from New York to D.C. this Sunday, June 10th. The cost of the bus is $10 for students and $20 for non-students. The pick-up will be in front of the Empire state building at the corner of 34th and 5th at 9:00 a.m. WE WILL LEAVE BY 9:15 THE LATEST SO PLEASE BE ON TIME. The bus has limited seating so please rsvp to Michelle at mrojas@standwithus.com, to let us know that you will be using the bus as your mode of transportation down to D.C. Furthermore, if you plan on driving please inform Michelle as well if you have any extra room for passengers and/or materials. Don’t forget to bring lunch with you…we will most likely be stopping at a mini-mart but in any case, everyone should have something to hold them over. As well as water, a hat, Israeli and American flags if you have them, and most importantly, your love for Israel!

* AMCHA – The Coalition for Jewish Concerns
* American Jewish Congress Western Region
* Americans for a Safe Israel
* Center for Vigilant Freedom
* Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign
* Endowment for Middle East Truth
* Free Republic
* Society of Americans for National Existence
* Stand With Us
* The David Project
* United American Committee
* Unity Coalition for Israel
* Zionist Organization of America

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  • how the fuck do you encourage an occupation to go on? your a fucking lunatic and i hope spam and viruses swallow your blog of fucking ignorance!

    meanwhile.. http://www.guardian.co.uk/israel/Story/0,,2097239,00.html

    “At around 2am , a squad of Israeli soldiers raided the house belonging to Yehya Isaq al-Jabari, 67. According to his sons and daughters, the soldiers ran into the house and pushed one son to the floor. Mr Jabari then began a scuffle with the soldiers. Then one of the soldiers pulled the trigger and shot him in the jaw. The father fell to the floor, bleeding heavily. Moments later, the mother, Fatima al-Jabari, 60, appeared and began screaming at the soldiers. “My mother tried to get them outside, but they said to her: ‘Get away, get away.’ And then they shot her in the head. None of us had fired one bullet.” She was later taken to the city’s al-Ahli hospital, where she was in a critical condition. Two other sons were still in hospital: Kamal, 30, who was shot in the lower left leg, and Raja, who suffered a head wound.”

  • The Israeli military confirmed there had been a raid on the house, where the military believed two wanted men were staying. A spokeswoman said the Palestinians in the house had thrown objects at the soldiers and that one of them had tried to seize a soldier’s gun.

    “As soon as the force entered the structure a group of around 10 Palestinians started to attack the force and wounded one of the officers. It led to a struggle in which a soldier had to open fire after a Palestinian grabbed his weapon,” the spokeswoman said. The injured officer suffered light wounds, she said. Two people were arrested during the operation, she said.

    And thank you for the compliments — I consider it a special honor to be insulted by people like you!

  • The fool linked to The Guardian… that’s like linking to Fox News to prove Democrats are evil.

  • Well, not evil… more like naughty. You can use our last two Presidents to illustrate the difference.

    Just like you can use Israel and South Africa to illustrate the differences between national security and apartheid. And on and on…

  • Check out this JTA story on why the counter rally may actually be counter productive and harmful to Israel’s image.

    The American Jewish community needs to chill out. If they really want to support Israel, one word: aliya


    “People in the middle are not suddenly going to support Israel because they see a rally. You don’t promote Israel by attacking your attacker all the time.”

  • Amechad,

    Your point is a somewhat valid one. However, do you know what goes on at these rallies (run by UFP and the like)? The most horrible, classic anti-Semitic stereotypes are put forth and on display, comparing Jews to blood suckers and Nazis. It is absolutely important that the community respond and make a public showing that says this is unacceptable, and we will not be made afraid by scare tactics and intimidation.

  • While fascist/racist groups may in fact have small membership roles, this fails to measure their political impact. For one thing, extremist groups create space in which moderates can move. For example, when the National Alliance calls for the forcible expulsion of all immigrants, it makes it safer for George Bush to propose a racist “guest worker” program. When taken to task for his racism, he can respond, “I’m no racist, those guys are the racists. I have a centrist position.” (In a similar fashion, and whether we intend it or not, anarchists and communists exert a leftward tug on liberal politics.)

    Also, under certain conditions the ideas of extremist groups can have an impact far beyond the effect they have on the politics of the mainstream. Consider that in 1840 the American abolitionist groups of the north and the south, as well as the “separatists” (southerners who favored secession from the union) were dismissed as irrelevant radicals. Twenty years later, under the influence of a peculiar convergence of factors, the entire nation split along the political lines of these formerly marginal, extremist schools of thought.

    Those who dismiss fascist/racist organizations betray a lack of understanding of the nature of ideological struggle, not to mention a certain Pollyannaish pacifism.

    That directly opposing fascists somehow “infringes on their right to free speech” mode of operandi manifests itself in ways that often border on the absurd. Every time a comment is removed from an Indy Media web site, a huge discussion about free speech ensues (as if the First Amendment requires citizens to provide a forum for the ideas of those they disagree with! Controlling the content of one’s own web site or newspaper is not censorship. But that this argument is so often raised, shows the extent to which the sanctity of free speech is embedded in our consciousnesses.)

    Community pressure is a legitimate social force. Organizations of all descriptions, when considering where to locate, take into account not just legal zoning restrictions, but the likelihood of a friendly reception by the surrounding community. If we allow fascists and other similar cretin to believe that they are safe parading through our communities, we have failed in our responsibilities as members of that community, and we will pay a price accordingly.

  • The statement about the rally being counter productive was made by Ron Halber who is head of the Washington area JCRC- he said the bulk of the Washington area community won’t show up. I wrote to him and told him he had no right to speak for the community- his job is not something I voted for. I told him I(as a very involved member of the Washington Jewish community) was going to stand up for Israel in the face of hatred.

  • While the organizers of the anti-Israel demo are doubtlessly hateful, ignorant people, it’s also a good idea to look at who they are: the Communist Party, the International Solidarity Movement, and a smattering of other radical leftist groups.

    Is it really in our interest to respond to these nutjobs? Isn’t that giving them the attention they so desperately crave?

    I would be so much more enthusiastic if, instead of this counter-rally, the pro-Israel community decided to be proactive. Why not a celebration of 40 years of a united Jerusalem? 40 years since Israel saved itself from destruction? 40 years since Israel acquired defensible borders? 40 years (and more) of Israeli achievements in science, technology, and the arts?

    Let the radical left whine about the “occupation”. Instead of only responding to them and pointing out their massive shortcomings, we should be celebrating Israel.

  • The Israeli version doesnt matter.. I’m gonna stick with the what the world is reporting. and IDF Troops are animals. tks.

  • If IDF troops were animals, you’d see far, far more injuries and deaths among Palestinians than is the case. In fact, that’s the reason to doubt the Al Jazeera version of the story.

  • To the Al-Jihazeera propagandist; Why don’t you do something useful like taking a shower or wiping your ass with toilet paper? I can smell your stink through the computer.

  • Apartheid, you’re a classic case of a kid who filters information to support your own preconceptions. What the world is reporting? C’mon man, not enough energy to accept possibilities you don’t want to hear? The only version that matters is the one that makes your little fantasy world seem real? I feel for you brother, I really do. There’s so much sadness and hatred inside of you. I hope you can find your way back someday.

    You too Ephraim.

  • Oh, and Apartheid, the IDF may be the most able yet most reluctant fighting force in the world. You can somewhat tell these things by looking in peoples’ eyes. Look at the photos in ck’s post here:


    Look into their eyes… do you see animalistic ferverent hatred? That yearning to shed blood, both theirs and Arab? Do they have the eyes of, say, Hamas forces as they rally in streets screaming death to the Jews?

    I wonder what your eyes look like? Mine are a little watery after reading your comments. Your’s too Ephraim. And #19. And so on and so forth on this blog…

  • If I had the money, I’d be on a plane this afternoon to go to the rally.

    I have become quite worried about the attitudes towards the Jews and Israel lately. It is one thing to say Israel is using excessive force – it is entirely another to take it out on the Jewish populace or boycott the nation of Israel for a few mishaps.

  • Apartheid doesn’t even know what his tag means, his writing is barely literate and his language is immature. The ability to type(poorly) and have internet access does not equate to knowledge or intelligence- probably just a very unhappy 15 year old.. As to saying that you will stick by what the world thinks based on some poor news report-well, If I stuck to what the world thinks based on news reporting, I would have to think that Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith have some great importance.

  • Ramon:

    If I can’t tell an anti-Semite to kiss my ass without making your eyes water, well, what’s the world coming to, I ask you?

    Anyway, I’ve heard there’s a Visine for that.

  • Ephraim, man, I’m not trying to censor you. I’m trying to get you to rise above the slammin’ with better slammin’. I got no problem with telling the prick to kiss your ass.

    It was the “Knuckle-dragging mouth-breather” line that made me cringe. I’m sorry, I never heard that one on the playground.

  • A “knuckle-dragging mouth-breather” is a kind of subhuman, gorilla-like, dim-witted oaf who walks stooped over like an ape with his knuckles draging on the ground, and whose mouth is always hanging open.

    I always thought it was a good image, myself.

  • Yeah, but wouldn’t it be more effective if you called this Apartheid character a “subhuman, gorilla-like, dim-witted oaf who walks stooped over like an ape with his knuckles dragging on the ground, and whose mouth is always hanging open”?

    I mean, what’s he gonna say to that? “Well, yo mama is…” And yes the visine is out… my eyes are red from tears of laughter.

  • That’s true, I could have spoken down to his level.

    But I was trying to raise the level of debate, you know?

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