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Back in April, an article appeared in the Herald Tribune that discussed the lack of civility to be found on blogs. One of the people interviewed was Richard Silverstein, whose “Tikkun Olam” blog often promotes his far-left, anti-Zionist perspective on the Middle East and Israel. In the interview, Silverstein bemoaned the hatred thrown his way by his ideological opponents, especially as demonstrated by an anonymous blog called Little Dickie’s Diaper Droppings which criticizes Silverstein in a decidedly juvenile and angry manner. This week’s Forward offers a follow up on this saga and positions Silverstein as the leading victim of what they call “the below-the-belt discourse that has taken hold in the world of Jewish blogging. Scurrilous barbs and sharp-tongued insults are routinely tossed back and forth through cyberspace from one Jewish blogger to another…”

What the article fails to mention about Silverstein is that, well, he sure has no problem hurling invective while making unsubstantiated allegations. Here’s what the new poster boy for online decency says about yours truly:

June 4, 2007: “I find CK at Jewlicious to be one of the snarky, smug and more objectionable figures in the Jewish blog world.” Later, after making allegations about my involvement with the Little Dickie site, he added “I consider him to be an annoying, lying SOB.” and also “CK is an oaf…”

June 13, 2007: Here he called me “Jewlicious’ sleazy owner” and claimed that I stole an image from his site. The doctrine of fair use would disagree with that assessment – the fair use of copyrighted material is not theft. That’s the law. But when the law is not on his side, Silverstein simply invokes some kind of moral prerogative, the violation of which should cause me shame. But as he notes, “Abitbol knows no shame.” He also notes that because of my artistic assault against him, a fellow Jew, my Jewishness “is only skin deep.” The image in question, reproduced on the Little Dickie site and in TM’s post below, simply illustrated a post about a Little Green Footballs/Silverstein blog dust up. Oh my. Lock up your daughters and hide your silver away! At least he used the post to kinda, sorta grudgingly almost retract his claim that I was involved in some kind of Zionist Cabal to defame him along with the creator of the Little Dickie blog and all these other people I don’t know and have never interacted with. Mind you, that retraction should have been added to the original post accusing me of direct involvement, but whatever. Who am I to preach standards to Saint Silverstein who has never, ever posted onto his site copyright protected photos of fellow Jewish bloggers he disagrees with. Ever.

I never visit Silverstein’s non-entity of a blog anymore. I realized long ago that he is an attention whore and a drama Queen who revels in his self-made image as a victim of his ideological enemies. I had to address Silverstein’s hypocrisy because the Forward saw fit to feature him in an article, but otherwise I am content to allow him to continue to bask in his irrelevance and obscurity, fashioning conspiracy theories and hateful invective for himself and his little crew of special friends.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • ck,

    You could also mention his defamation of me, including the following specific allegations:

    1. I made a deal with LGF with regard to the JIB awards.

    2. I am a racist.

    3. I got booted from Pajamas Media.

    All three are outright lies, yet he has refused to retract them, and even has the audacity to ask me to prove they are not true.

    What it goes to show – besides the character of this man – is his scant regard for verifying the “facts.” This should demonstrate to anyone that his views are based on lies and half-truths, and should be treated with a grain of salt.

  • Hey! Don’t ever question me you fucker. I have your IP address and I will ban you!

    Kidding. I made an allusion to you in the post. The fact is Duvidle, there’s so much more that can be said about what a heinous little shit weasel the man is, but really – who cares? It’s a beautiful day. Let’s all go out, do our last minute shabbat shopping, and enjoy life rather than wallowing in that man’s muck.

  • By the way, I have just joined the happy fraternity of people banned from Silverstein’s site. Why is that? Did I harass him? I haven’t commented there since last year.

    It’s a stunning testament to how little traffic he gets that he can pick out a single IP address from his logs and identify it as mine.

    What a joke.

  • Fine, bloggers are incivil, and this guy is an asshat. Why is this news? Doesn’t the herald tribune have real things to report?

  • Where does the CK come from? I assumed naively itwas your initials, but there is no “A” in CK.

  • I hear ya Annie. don’t you sometimes wish all the bloggers from the j-blogosphere would all sit together in a high school gymnasium and… oh never mind.. Search Jewlicious for it.

    daniiel – ck does not stand for David Abitbol. It stands for christ killer… i know, i know. It’s a long story. Search Jewlicious for it.

  • Do a Google search for whiny bitch and see what comes up on the first page. Go on.

    David, I mean, ck, I love you SO much. I know we can’t be together but will you please at least father one child with me?

  • The Little Dickie Silverstein Marching Song

    I am a little kapo,
    It makes my mommy mad,
    Cause when I am a kapo,
    Those Zionists get sad!

    I celebrate the jihad,
    and terror all the while,
    I fill my blog and web page,
    With loud salutes of Sieg Heil!

    I want to see them Zraelis,
    All dumped out in the sea,
    My swastika a waving,
    Cause everything’s bout me.

    (from the Kapostein blog)

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