Gawker posted a link to a short film about The Vision Forum’s annual Father and Daughter Discipleship Retreat. The event, in Georgia (South not former-USSR), includes, among other things, an opportunity for young Christian girls, en masse, to shave their fathers’ faces. The Gawker post is tagged, “Why We Love New York.” Considering that the most extreme of the ultra-religious among the Jews would, by definition, not go in for “father-shaving,” you know, because of the beards, here’s one for our side.

This Father’s Day was apparently coordinated by European anti-Americans set on making this country look idiotic beyond all get-out. For those young Christian-American ladies not lucky enough to tie themselves to their fathers for a three-legged race, there are also “purity balls,” which are either not as sick as they sound or a whole lot more so. Matthew Yglesias links to a video about one of these balls. They involve daughters dressing up in prom-skank dresses, but their dates are, yes, their fathers. They receive wedding-esque rings and slow-dances, also from their fathers, and a recitation of a pledge to keep those legs crossed until Dad hands them over to Husband. As numerous feminist commentors note, not much is made of “male purity.” As scientifically-aware commentors note, sex is equated with automatic pregnancy, as though effective contraceptives did not exist. And as everyone who’s seen these things has noted, no matter what your views on teen abstinence, the elephant on the purity-ball dance floor is Dr. Freud.

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