070630_SUV_crash.jpgThe people of the UK just averted another disaster. Three car bombs didn’t go off. Last summer — after the infamous attack on 7/7 that left 52 dead — another four bombs were duds. Other attacks have been thwarted. In fact the entire country is on high alert and expect more.

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, the Brits thought that they had great ideas. Especially with regard to the future of their protectorate Palestine, the Brits put their lot with those with oil. Then there was the messy disengagement from their colonial days in the Sub-Continent. And more recently, joining GW for his war in Iraq. And I am sure I am missing something.

Beyond social problems of enormous dimensions, it seems that the Brits have on their hands a growing domestic insurgency. The British Home Secretary is calling for calm and not to get all xenophobic. The Muslim leaders are condemning these “extremists”. The papers are all over the place. But it isn’t stopping.

Is it perhaps just bad karma for not standing with Israel against aggressors, for not being strong on international terror, for harboring terror group leaders that target other countries, and so on…?

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