Muffti has been travelling for a while and is kicking himself for not having a charged camera battery because he’s seen some interesting and hillarious things. Granted, he’s slightly damaged goods after a brief sojourn in Amsterdam but nonetheless, here is a description of some things taht he’s seen.

1. An anti-racism festival in London: a big free music festival, with loads of people and a little too much hippy-music. Why is Muffti mentioning this? Well, there was an ‘end the Israeli occupation booth’ run by apparently well-meaning folk, but they had no special preoccupation with Israel of the sort we complain about relentlessly. South Africa, Sudan, China etc. were all protested against in various booths. You may find them misguided but at least they weren’t myopically focussing on Israel.

2. A small cafe called the ‘Honest Sausage’ which had Muffti laughing pretty hard when he first saw it but now seems a little bit less funny.

3. A car decked out in red bull advertising, including a big red-bull can on top of it. Inside were two pretty girls wearing red bull paraphanalia. Both were fast asleep. Some energy drink! Muffti is sure he could have been famous if he could have snapped a shot of that.

4. At the London zoo, Muffti noticed that the Egyptian Turtle has become nearly completely extinct in Egypt but that some of its members manage to live in Israel (and Libya). Take that, Set!

5. In Amsterdam, Muffti and Man Whore Jonathan saw a car that was crammed full of hula hoops.

6. Muffti gave a paper at a British philosophy conference and didn’t find even one of the many British philosophers who was proud of the ban on Israeli academics. He’s pretty sure he saw a talk by an Israeli academic in fact (though he wasn’t entirely sure since he couldn’t stick around after the talk.)

That’s about it. It quit raining for 2 minutes in Brighton so Muffti’s gonna make a run for it. He hopes all y’all are having a great summer.

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