Partay TimeSo whatcha gonna do tonight now that the Sabbath Queen has departed us for another week? Well, Shemspeed is about to launch some kind of bad ass (Jew?) Web site. In order to celebrate this launch, they are inviting people to party with them at at Joe’s Pub with the most amazing Jewish roots reggea/afro beat band around, Shem’s Disciples (that’s what they claim…). Yuri Lane, Jake Break, dj handler and Y-Love will all be performing as well. Check out this youtube video for some pretty interesting beat boxing (click here). Oh, also the show will be aired on the CBS Morning Show, so don’t miss it if you wanna see yourself on TV. Fun-O-Ramma! Joe’s Pub is at 425 Lafayette St. in NYC, the doors open at 11pm and the cover is $12.

But I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “What do I do afterwards? You know, like if I don’t score with some hottie?” You can go to a real, genuine “Hip Hop and Urban Art Party” at Adam Courtney’s loft. The rooftop party will involve some “verbal graffiti” and some hip hop MCs. Collision Machine, the dudes running the party promise the following:

Weather Permitting we’ll be partying rooftop style with TONS of MC’s, DJ’s, poets, rappers and musicians, and visual artists. The event is free, but we’ll be selling of beer to raise money for future events. Please help spread the word. Also, feel free to bring a natural instrument for the slammin freestyle jam session/ drum circle. Much love and we’ll see you there.

Slammin Freestyle! Who can resist this last chance to get laid and or shnackered in the Big Apple? Here’s how you get there:

Directions: L train to Dekalb Ave. Walk 1 block to Hart St. We are on the
corner across from the Ctown grocery. 97 Wyckoff Ave 2nd flr and the roof!

Good to see our little yiddles make the most of their Networking Opportunities. And I really mean that – I’m not being snarky, because like hip hop unites man. “It unites people, breaks down barriers, empowers youth, and instills vision. Through education, tolerance, and communication we encourage a lifestyle of selflessness to create an environment of peace for worldwide communities.” Man. I wish I was in New York tonight!

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