Sorry that I was so late posting this… blame it on the beer? Remember when I posted about the Jerusalem Wine Festival? Well the day after that a bunch of us went to the old train station where the Jerusalem Beer Festival was held. Talk about a study in contrasts! Where the Wine Festival was genteel and elegant, the Beer Festival was rambunctious and a tad uncouth. Where the Wine Festival entertained attendees with chamber music and an easy listening cover band, the Beer Festival entertained with a collection of local indie bands, including our dear, dear friends, missFlag. But despite the differences, one can never escape the democratizing influence of alcohol – regardless of whether you were wearing a tie or a tank top, regardless of whether you lived in Rechaviah or Talpiot, regardless of the size of your paycheck, at the end of the evening, attendees at both festivals ended up the same way – completely shnackered…

Assaf of missFlag at the Beer fest! Ohad of missFlag at the Beer fest! Herzl Beer at the Beer fest!

random couple at the Beer fest! Rebeka at the Beer fest! Too much beer at the Beer fest!

From left to right, top to bottom, we have Assaf on the drums and Ohad on lead vocals and guitar of missFlag. Next we see Herzl Beer – soon to be occupying shelf space near you! Below that there’s a random drunken couple – well at least she clearly is. Then there’s Rebeka – don’t ask, and what it looks like when you’ve had too much beer. Don’t believe anyone when they tell you Jerusalem’s not HELLA FUN!

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