mobius.jpgAfter some 4 and a half years at the head of Jewschool, Mobius is resigning as editor in chief. According to his blog Orthodox Anarchist, Daniel is going to assume the position of Director of New Media for JTA. Jewschool is now in the hands of its editorial board.

Regrets over giving up control of Jewschool? Working for JTA?

But when Tahl Raz blurted it out at the Y on Sunday, Krucoff shouted “Sell out!” from the back row.

F-ck that noise, I say. I stole fire from the gods, and I got burned. At this point, giving up Jewschool doesn’t even feel like a sacrifice. It feels like a weight is being lifted.

Muffti guesses not. In any case, Ye’shaar Koach to Mobius on 4 plus years of interesting, compelling, challenging and intelligent posting and behatzlacha in your new endeavours. If you want to drop a goodbye comment on Mobius’ final Jewschool post as editor, go here.

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