heebfood_ev.jpgBesides names that kind of rhyme? Well, our old friend EV (who allegedly looks like Geoff Rush) has put up a site displaying his recent comics with links to where they were originally published.

On Jewschool EV announced it by writing:

I’ve finally put up a site with some subtle cartoons, some previously published, others rejected from every publication in the world. Please visit, and remember to leave insulting comments. Extra points for proper spelling of “despicable self-hatred.”

Muffti offers you a link to the site, http://evcomics.com/ with some trepidation. Be forewarned that EV has an eye for the darker side of things and his interpretation of Sheer ha’Sheerim probably won’t be endorsed by any Rabbi’s who aren’t regular users of crack. His subtle and clever views about the dialectical relationship between, say, the ADL and public anti-semitism are manifest in a rather non-subtle comic display. In other words YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH click not if offensive comics be not for you. But click if they are because EV is talented.

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  • I asked EV what drugs he used as part of his creative process, and he got all paranoid and threatened to kick my ass.

  • Are you sure it isn’t the storied “Vitamin H”?

    EV’s brilliant. Maybe not always family-friendly, but seriously, you should all quake in fear of his huge brain. And then visit his comics. And offer him lots of money. Because his friends’ livers aren’t going to rot themselves.

  • Special K can’t make you draw the things EV draws and have the dark thoughts he does. Not that EV can’t use the occasional hit of horse tranqs… My vote is Crystal Meth and some shrooms to take the edge off. But what would I know from such chazirai?

  • It’s true. EV is brilliant, despite his lunatic appearance in teh pic. Special K can’t make you draw anything – but it can give you fairly nightmarish experiences which may later provide the relevant inspirations. And anyone who would mix meth and shrooms is a bit of a psycho, in the humble opinion of the Muffti.

  • Muffti wrote: And anyone who would mix meth and shrooms is a bit of a psycho, in the humble opinion of the Muffti.

    Not mix, just take the shrooms on day three of the crystal meth binge, to take the edge off and get those damn bugs offa me!!

    EV is undoubtedly brilliant. And then he’s got that ashkenazic edge to him too – that shtetl skepticism, that Kafkaesque darkness, that Spinozan sacrilege, it’s very entertaining!

    EV is such a Jew! Don’t you love it?

  • If you mix a couple books of Torah with equal amounts of current events and conscience, cook ’em up over some flames of righteous indignation then mainline it, you could maybe get close to what EV is on.