Ha’aretz is reporting that Jerusalem will be constructing a sukkah made entirely of candy:

The Jerusalem municipality and the Ariel municipal company are planning to build a sukkah made entirely of candy to mark the Jewish holiday of Sukkot later this week.

The sukkah will be built in Jerusalem’s Safra Square and will be named “HaSukkah-Rya”, a play on words meaning hard candy.

Two tons of candy and candy-shaped ornaments will be used in the construction of the 1,000 square meter sukkah. The lighting will be in the shape of candy and the walls will be covered with candy and bubble gum. Various sweets will be offered to guests free of charge.

Just like many good American Jews, I have always been slightly envious of the kids who got to make gingerbread houses on Christmas. But isn’t this going a little overboard?

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