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I used to think that the guys that run Heeb Magazine were a bunch of douchebags. I was more often than not appalled by their smarmy, self congratulatory articles, their cliquish insider humor and their ethnocentrism presented in the guise of an oh-so-sophisticated world view.

Well – they’re still douchebags. Every last one of them. Oh sure, Photographer Seth Olenick is really friendly and a talented photographer, and David Kelsey is really passionate about everything, and Rebecca Wiener is a very very serious writer and Josh Neuman is… is… very astute in that way that only Yekkes can be. But still. Douchebags.

And yet… Heeb has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds. Everything gets better and better. So yeah, grab the latest issue of Heeb from the newsstand, or subscribe. The content often riles me up BUT it is always compelling. Of course, that’s not all of it. They just had to invade MY domain. I’m talking about the Internet. HeebMagazine.com has been running for a number of months now and it contains a blog section that’s pretty good. But was that enough? Noooo! They also just released the Heeb 100:

They’re young, smart and innovative… and oh yeah, they also happen to be Jewish. No, we’re not talking about the staff at Heeb Magazine; we’re talking about the second installment of the Heeb Hundred, a roundup of 100 people you need to know about. They are bloggers and newspaper publishers, comic artists and novelists, chefs and fashion designers, and while they’ve already got stellar resumes, we believe that the best is yet to come from each of them

I don’t agree with all the choices but the content was crisp, the descriptions were bite sized morsels of written yumminess that had me scrambling to Google to find out more information about the chosen yids AND they didn’t make too many obvious choices, ie “This is Shlomo. He’s from New Jersey and writes a Jewish blog (!) that uses foul language (!!) and is representative of the New Jew movement (!!!).” They’re all Jew-ish but successful and interesting (for the most part) in their own right. I spent 2 hours going through the site and I’m going back. Might I recommend you do the same thing?

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