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I used to think that the guys that run Heeb Magazine were a bunch of douchebags. I was more often than not appalled by their smarmy, self congratulatory articles, their cliquish insider humor and their ethnocentrism presented in the guise of an oh-so-sophisticated world view.

Well – they’re still douchebags. Every last one of them. Oh sure, Photographer Seth Olenick is really friendly and a talented photographer, and David Kelsey is really passionate about everything, and Rebecca Wiener is a very very serious writer and Josh Neuman is… is… very astute in that way that only Yekkes can be. But still. Douchebags.

And yet… Heeb has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds. Everything gets better and better. So yeah, grab the latest issue of Heeb from the newsstand, or subscribe. The content often riles me up BUT it is always compelling. Of course, that’s not all of it. They just had to invade MY domain. I’m talking about the Internet. HeebMagazine.com has been running for a number of months now and it contains a blog section that’s pretty good. But was that enough? Noooo! They also just released the Heeb 100:

They’re young, smart and innovative… and oh yeah, they also happen to be Jewish. No, we’re not talking about the staff at Heeb Magazine; we’re talking about the second installment of the Heeb Hundred, a roundup of 100 people you need to know about. They are bloggers and newspaper publishers, comic artists and novelists, chefs and fashion designers, and while they’ve already got stellar resumes, we believe that the best is yet to come from each of them

I don’t agree with all the choices but the content was crisp, the descriptions were bite sized morsels of written yumminess that had me scrambling to Google to find out more information about the chosen yids AND they didn’t make too many obvious choices, ie “This is Shlomo. He’s from New Jersey and writes a Jewish blog (!) that uses foul language (!!) and is representative of the New Jew movement (!!!).” They’re all Jew-ish but successful and interesting (for the most part) in their own right. I spent 2 hours going through the site and I’m going back. Might I recommend you do the same thing?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Awwww, ck, you’ll get to do your 101-most-noteworthy people as well some day (I’ve already helped you out with European hipsters, haven’t I?).
    And I will one day get to do a post on the actual origin of the word “yekke”.

  • I wonder how many on this list are really Jewish or are just poseurs who become “Jewish” after years of celebrating Christmas and Easter with their one Gentile parent.
    It’s getting difficult to find real Jews in America today because of the vast number of Jewish intermarriages. It’s pathetic!

  • anti wrote: “poseurs who become “Jewish” after years of celebrating Christmas and Easter with their one Gentile parent”

    …as opposed to individuals like yourself who presumably have 2 Jewish parents yet post self-righteously on Yom Tov from the US?

  • ck, bravo! I’ve always meant to tell anti-intermarriage that inbreeding won’t solve anything either.

  • “Inbreeding” doesn’t solve anything but bring more Jews into this world. What can of people don’t like that? People who use the term inbreeding to desribe two Jews marrying that’s who. You are an anti-semite Sarah and so you can just _______off, fill in the blank.
    Ooh ck is offended by my pro-Jewish comments. I know it’s hard, even in Israel, to find proud Jews defending Judaism. I don’t care if the truth, hurts deal with it.
    You must be proud to have anti-Jewish groupies like Sarah.

  • anti-intermarriage… I’m with ya. I know how hard it is to find real Jews here in America. Just the other day I was at shul… High Holidays and all… and I couldn’t find one damn real Jew to save my life. But I’m telling ya, no worries. Because I have some damn hot first cousins. Gabba Gabba Hey!!

    Sarah – here’s my choice to fill in the blank:

    “Lokshen Kugel”. I don’t know, but it’s the next best thing to what the commenter was thinking.

  • anti-intermarriage you idiot. What’s the point of being pro-Jewish like yourself if you violate the laws of Judaism? It’s Yom Tov in America. You’re not allowed to use things like computers. Is your notion of Judaism race-based? Does it preclude actual practice?? Seriously man – go back to Jewcy and bug Mason.

  • Thanks, Ramon. Inbreeding is mating among close relatives, which often results in physical and / or mental handicaps; the rate of handicaps is already way higher among the Charedi circles than among MO or Conservative / Reform / secular circles. anti-intermarriage didn’t get my point though. As my keychain reads, “I’d insult you, but you’re too dumb to notice.”.

  • Two idiots defending an anti-semite. Your point is that Jews shouldn’t inmarry because they have defective genes? Actually Sarah you are too stupid to even know what I’m talking about. You’re not even a real Jew are you?
    Who is Mason? Your boyfriendc ck? Stop defending your stupid groupie and repent for being being a homosexual. I don’t care if you are but obviously you do since you claim to be so religious.
    The numner of self-haters who call themselves Jews is astounding. I’m defending Judaism and I’m getting attacked while an anti-semite is being defended. Hitler would be so proud.

  • Antimarriage – Do you cry and beat your genitals while you write this crap?

    You want to be the King Of The Jews? Applications accepted until Shmini Atzeretz… I say it’s one day too long but Talmud says otherwise.

  • antiintermarriage, all I said was that inbreeding (as in marrying within the family) would not provide any solution as inbreeding (among humans of any faith) makes for higher rates of handicaps. As far as I can see, you’re too intellectually challenged to use punctuation, let alone fathom a line of thought a third-grader would understand. You bark anti-Semitism at anybody who does not go 100% in line with you (note, I didn’t even initially contradict you, but mentioned another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration). On another note, I’m not in the least bit willing to accept that kind of language from you, so unless you adjust your manners, your vocabulary and your reading comprehension skills, I cannot be bothered to reply to you anymore and thus provide you the stage to act your pathetic farce out on. Please take into consideration that you might not only be single because of your way beyond Orthodox-take on Jewish geneaology.

  • Ramon, thinking about it, since they apparently doesn’t know what “yom tov” respectively “chol hamoed” is (though they undoubtedly will google both terms up now), I cannot help but think that we’ve encountered another evangelical preacher that aims at destroying the system of Judaism from within (by sparking controversies) so that Moshiach will come (they consider it their contribution to fulfilling the [first] covenant), which they believe to be Jesus of Nazareth. I’ve encountered that type of preacher before; there’s an Evangelical Biblical Seminary in NYC that trains them (and there probably are many more in other parts of the country).

  • What a fun and bizarre list (the Heeb 100 that is). It’s, like, a bunch of their fave Ashkenazi New Yorkers, plus a sprinkling of people they’ve heard of. Interesting to see them sloooooowly start looking beyond the ends of their noses…

  • More comments by an idiot who defends anti-semitism. You need psyhological help, Ramon, for your sexual deviancy. Your comments only show what a disgusting pig you are.

    Oh Sarah don’t make me laugh. Your grammar is horrendous for an American. Your logic is also similiar to someone with a low IQ. I don’t care aabout your insults because it comes from someone who is obviously very ignorant about everything especially Judaism. I learned English five years so what’s your excuse?

    I’m not single and don’t have any problem in that department unlike you who is obviously is single. You should team up with Ramon, two phony Jewish anti-semites would make good parnters.

    Your little dumb conspiracy theory about me being an Evangelical leader is hilarious. You need to cut down on your drinking before getting on your computer. I’m a real Jew not unlike you whose mother is a shiksa, right? You’re crazy.

  • anti-intermarriage: you are lame. you’re starting to sound like a jewish hitler with your talk about pure blood and sh*t.