That’s what the Arabic speaking man that police in Frankfurt are looking for said just before he stabbed 42-year-old Chabad Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch. Prosecutors have offered a reward of 4000 Euro ($5,400 US) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. Rabbi Gurevitch is in the hospital recovering – hopefully he’ll be back home for Rosh Hashana. Hopefully the police in Frankfurt will find the guy that did this. Soon.

Meanwhile, in Uzbekistan (uh oh) the JTA reports that “Mark Vail, founder of Tashkent’s Ilhom theater, was assaulted at the entrance to his apartment building, stabbed and had his skull broken.” Vail was a well known theater director, having run the Ilhom theater, the Soviet Union’s first independent theater, for over 30 years. Vail was also an outspoken critic of the cultural policies of the Uzbekistan’s authoritarian ruler, Islam Karimov. Oh, and Vail was a Jew.

And in Israel, 69 soldiers were reported wounded (5 seriously) by a rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists claiming to be members of the Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip. Apparently “[t]he rocket hit an equipment store at a base in southern Israel. Shrapnel from the explosion tore through surrounding tents where the soldiers were sleeping.” One can just imagine an Arabic speaking man saying “I’ll kill you, you F*cking Jew!” just before launching the Qassam that injured the soldiers. Qassams are wildly inaccurate and the best one can say is that at least this time, they injured combatants instead of the usual unfortunate civilians and little children.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned last week that Israel would “without hesitation and without pity” launch counterstrikes against militants who fire rockets from the Gaza Strip, which has been under the control of the Islamist militant group Hamas since June.

Note to self: Do not sell life insurance policies to Arabic speaking men who claim to work for the Al Quds Pizza Parlor in Gaza City. Just sayin’ is all.

Who else wants to kill Jews? Uh… Israeli Neo Nazis apparently:

Nice. Israeli police arrested 8 Russian born Israelis on charges of… well, apparently being a Nazi isn’t illegal in Israel because there’s no law against it. No one ever imagined… So they’re being held for assault and vandalism and crap like that. One of the eight arrested has a grandmother who is a Holocaust survivor (yeah, I know… what f*cking Holocaust?) who claims that there is no way her sweet little grandson could have been involved in racist attacks against religious Jews and immigrant workers. Never mind the “God is with Us” tattoo (motto on Nazi soldiers’ belt buckles). He was just a history buff led astray by uh… too much vodka?


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  • Some people need to see that there are consequences for this kind of behavior. The response needs to be swift and severe.

  • Jack, you here?
    Anyhow, I asked people to send a signal that they care by relating their well wishes for Rabbi Gurevitch online so I could print them out and mail them to Frankfurt. So far only ck asked me to pass on his well wishes. Suppose I should start talking about imaginary sex lives like other “female” bloggers to draw more attention…

  • Yeah, consequences. How about installing 1700 NGOs (the number of NGOs active in gaza and in the west bank) to provide food and shelter. No wait. How about this: let’s elect them to the UN Human Rights council. THAT will show them…

  • Welp…when certain secular Zionists base “who is a Jew” on a Nazi definition, is it such a surprise that things turn out a little weird sometimes?

    Perhaps we should decide these things more according to our own classic definition, and not according to our persecution complex, or worse, according to the persecutor’s complex.

  • Sorry Sarah, you can tell the good Rabbi that Muffti hopes he has a quick recovery. But what’s this about sex lives of female bloggers?

  • I’d like to reiterate Sarah busted out this story some days ago. And her being our “now” commenter from that region I appreciate her doing so.

    So keep us up to date on the situation if you will, Sarah. Thanks and Happy Rosh to you and yours!!

  • Thanks, gentlemen, I will relate your well wishes; since Rabbi Gurevitch asked the public to take notice of his case, I think he will be happy to see that this didn’t go unnoticed overseas either.
    Again, if you’d like to send a few more personal lines, email me at dibbuk[at]web[dot]de .

    Muffti had to ask hadn’t he?

    Ramon, I’ll definitely keep you updated.

  • Oh, “a giten Rosh” to you as well. (That’s how they used to say in medieval Ashkenaz).

  • They were killing hundreds of cats??? Why, were they racially objectionable?

    Thanks for the post, very informative!

  • INTERMARRIAGE is to blame for these Nazi “Jews.” Of course no one has pointed this out because we’re in the age of wimpy Liberal Judaism politically correct crap.
    Most individuals in intermarriage households either don’t identify as Jews, are ashamed of being half-Jewish, or become anti-semitic themselves.
    Intermarriage what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

  • Frankly the Jewish race deserves to meet it its end. It is amazing how the contort the truth and make themselves seem the victims. Eradicate them all and let the world get on with its business.

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      • “”Do you really think that anyone and everyone that’s Jewish have some secret, conspirator links to worldwide media outlets? LOL!””

        Do you really think that that is what they think? They see it for what it is, a mafia of jews – the top jews and then their kosher society below it where they culturally connect and where they find other jews who still like doing child sacrifices of white christian pre-pubescent fuck them up the ass, beat them a little, make them suck your wifes cunt and then blow their brains out or torture them and make them beg you to let them live and be a gimp in one of your sellers in Israel?

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  • In 1969 when Mick Jagger and his enterage played that song Sympathy for the Devil, he really was not talking about the Devil.
    He says, Hope you guess my name.

    He is talking about the jews. WHo killed God. The jews killed God. I think he left eath finally and went to another planet of his.