Yeehaw!As you may or may not know, Jewlicious and friends in Israel are going to be picking produce on Friday morning with Table to Table. We have cars and buses leaving from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv early in the morning and the farm where we will be picking is located near Rehovot. Driving and transportation details will follow. Oh. Have I mentioned this already? Yes I have. But in the many emails I’ve gotten, the most frequently asked questions are “What time of day will this be happening at?” (Starts in the early morning) “Where are the buses leaving from?” (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – details to follow once we know how many people are going) “Will there be babes there?” (Undoubtedly) etc. I hope I adequately answered those questions.

Remember, the vegetables or fruit or whatever that we are picking would otherwise be plowed over. Totally wasted. In working with Table to Table we will help rescue food that will make its way to food banks, old folks homes, homeless shelters etc. And then it’s also good to note that Rosh Hashanna is coming up, followed by Yom Kippur. Why not do something nice so that this year God puts you in the Book of Life and doesn’t, you know, kill you and stuff.

Thirty Shekels gets you food, drink and transportation! Join us this Friday – send your RSVPS by email to jewlicious [at] gmail dot com, let us know if you have any dietary issues and we will let you know when we are leaving and where from. You can also call me at 054 6647238 if you have any questions etc. Please don’t call to ask me if my refrigerator is running… Oh and check out who else is coming on the Facebook Event page for Jewlicious at the Farm.

Thanks for the help with the pic Shani…

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