Those of you who were at Jewlicious 2 already know that SoCalled is a unique performer. And that he’s produced a unique video for his new song “You Are Never Alone” is no surprise. (Although I do log some disappointment that he has yet to craft a video for “9:45,” possibly one of the greatest bus departure theme songs ever improvised…)

But this one is so out-there that I was even a bit surprised. There seems to me a clear homage to 80s-era Peter Gabriel, but taken to a new level. Check it out and log your thoughts. But like I said, don’t watch it if you are currently under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs (in the Jewlicious fan base, this may mean more of you than I want to know about–so come down, and then press play).

Why no embed? A technical problem I have with posting here that never fixes itself. If the blogdude ever comes back from Uzbekistan or whatever, maybe he’ll fix it.

(ed. TM has embedded the video)

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