Ever wonder how a Jew-by-choice finds his or her way in the age of technology?This issue of PresenTense (get your copies now!!) is about the many faces of today’s Jewish twenty- and thirtysomethings, including those were not born Jewish but who made the painful, but hopefully rewarding, choice to join our community. In Issue 3, the prolific Leah Jones, who seems to found or join the staff of another blog every week, wrote about Converts Who Blog, noting the lack of online support options for Jews-by-choice.

But now Jews-by-choice have yet another choice. Thanks to TikkunGer and many other blogging NewishJews, there’s a new blog called–what else?–JewsByChoice.

Check it out, read Leah’s piece in PT.

Plus, for a different take on the online Jewish community, check out this other article about Jewish life in Second Life.

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