OneVoice had a plan. It was a good plan: Israelis and Palestinians (and supporters of both worldwide) who wanted peace all getting together separately, in different cities, to vocalize their desire for a peaceful resolution to the strife in the Middle East. Together (even apart), they’d demand progress from their leaders, and create a loud, strong voice that the politicians couldn’t ignore. There was a blogger meetup in New York with real blogebrities (like Arianna Huffington and Craig Newmark) and faux blogebrities (like, um…) Heck, Bryan Adams was even slated to perform at the events, which were to be held today, October 18.

But then something unexpected happened. The events in Jericho were canceled because of security threats. And in solidarity with that cancellation, the Tel Aviv and London components were also called off.

While this is certainly a setback for the peace process and a disappointment for those who have been involved in trying to make this multi-national voice heard, all hope for a peace organized by the populace is not completely shattered. In place of in person events, OneVoice will make an online presentation at 1PM EST or 7PM Israel time, and the link for the event is:

I guess we just have to believe that peace is still coming, for us and for everyone else. Or as I heard all the taglit-birthrighters sing recently, “Od yavo shalom aleinu, v’al kulam.”

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  • Doesn’t shutting down all the meetings give them (the people who made the threat to Jericho) exactly what they want?

  • I realize I should provide some evidence for my argument 😉

    Does anybody know what’s goin’ on
    Can anybody tell me where we went wrong
    Can anyone say why wrong is right
    If we wanna little peace well we got to fight

    Can anyone say things are lookin’ good
    Just take a look around your neighbourhood
    The world’s gone crazy

    Crash-we can fight it
    Crash-we gotta try
    Crash-we can’t hide it
    We gotta stop that fire

    Don’t drop that bomb on me
    Save that little tree
    Don’t drop that bomb on me
    Save our seven seas
    Don’t drop it, don’t drop it
    Don’t drop that bomb on me

    and there is more where that came from.

  • The issue isn’t about peace. It’s about one side stopping its murder of civilian non-combattants and ceasing launching missles at cities with no direct provocation, or “causas belli”.

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