Have I mentioned how much I love Russian expat magazine exile.ru? Well yes… we’ve posted a number of stories that have originated from there. I went to site again the other day and once again I was greeted with some awesome gems!

For instance, there’s an article by Gary Brecher aka The War Nerd titled Lebanese Democracy: One Man, One Boom about a bombing in Lebanon that killed legislator Antoine Ghanim. In that article he pretty effectively summarizes the entire complex state of affairs in the country and Syria’s ongoing machinations therein.

See, the Syrians are sly people. Like I’ve said before, their army isn’t much—whenever the Israelis are feeling down they dream about having an excuse to fight the Syrians—but like a lot of cowards, the Syrians specialize in booby traps, backstabbings and proxy killings.

And on the condition of the Palestinians in Lebanon:

Just to show you why Pals in Lebanon don’t mind martrydom so much, it’s against the law for Pals to own taxis in Lebanon. In fact it’s illegal for them to own property at all! But they can drive taxis, under the table, for next to nothing. Like one Pal whined, “We are less than the Sri Lankans here!” Which is pretty low on the scale, because Sri Lankan girls are imported to Beirut to be “maids,” meaning beaten in the daytime by “Madam” and raped at night by “Monsieur.” And even they’re respected more than the Pals.

His article Nahr al Bared: A Squeamish Siege was also an entertaining on that awful, awful 3-month siege by the Lebanese Army of a Palestinian Refugee Camp infiltrated by Fatah Al Islam crazies.

Exile also features a guest editorial by Presidential joke candidate Ron Paul wherein he applies his libertarian political ideas to the problem in Darfur:

Take the situation in Darfur, over there in Africa. Rather than threatening another invasion of a foreign country resulting in yet more American blood and treasure bleeding into distant sands, I believe the problems of this region can be solved by returning to the sensible vision of our Founders and the U.S. Constitution –- especially in the realm of fiscal and monetary policy. The most important elements in ending the genocide in Darfur are abolishing the Fed and restoring the Gold Standard. It is just plain Texan horse sense.

Paul continues:

Though I’m not sure just now what that details of Darfur’s Market-solution should look like just now, I’m way too busy, I do think it’s clear the janjaweed needs to be incentivized somehow to stop its genocide. But, if the invisible hand decrees that the Darfurians being slaughtered should be wiped out, it’s probably for the best.

I was also extremely entertained by Al Dilbert – a cartoon about what happens when a bunch of rag tag terrorists become Jihad Inc. and corporate culture hijinks ensue:

Al Dilbert - Bring your kids to work day

There’s more cool stuff of course, but I’ll let you discover it on your own.

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  • For someone who complains about anti-Semitism and racism against Zionists, you are one of the most racist people I’ve ever come across. How you can put up racist garbage like this and then go complain that the students at UCI are anti-semitic for showing what the Israeli apartheid army does to Palestinians is not only stupid, its hypocritical

  • Hi Anonymous. When did I make those complaints? How is that cartoon racist? It’s making fun of Al Quaeda! I can’t tell you for sure if all the critics of Zionism are anti-Semitic but I can tell you that many are just idiots, as you so very amply displayed. Read the articles that I linked to… they contain passages that are critical of Israel. Yeah. For real! I can’t wait for the day when your side learns to exercise balance and self-criticism. Say Hello to Malik Ali for me!

  • Anytime you see something you don’t like, scream, “Racist!” — a tried and true strategy of the non-debaters.

  • I am such a hugh Dilbert fan…I didn’t read the article but the cartoon was very funny…a keeper!

  • Quote from http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2007/11/14/is_israel_a_jewish_state

    “… So why won’t the leaders of the Palestinian Authority acknowledge the obvious — that Israel is the Jewish state? The Jewish connection to Palestine is a matter not just of rich historical fact, but of international law. When the League of Nations entrusted Britain with the Mandate for Palestine in 1922, it expressly recognized “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine” and the rightfulness of “reconstituting their national home in that country.” By that point, Britain had already transferred 80 percent of historic Palestine to Arab rule — today’s Muslim kingdom of Jordan. All that remained for a Jewish state was the residual 20 percent (and even that was later subdivided).

    But there, at least, it was clear that the Jewish community was “in Palestine as of right and not on sufferance,” as Winston Churchill underscored at the time.

    Eighty-five years later, that small sliver of the Middle East is home to nearly half the world’s Jews. If that isn’t a Jewish state, what is?”

    (Today, the population of Jordan is at least half Palestinian.)

  • Non-Jewish women there have four children apiece, and Jewish women there have two children apiece. As the non-Jewish women used to have more children than this, this news is being treated as good news by some. “They are slowing down a little. They now only beat us 2 to 1. ”

    Have a nice day. These events are divinely designed to show G-d’s presence, as what is normal and natural will be transcended.

    But it is still cool to give ten bucks to EFRAT.