Jones Sodas makes a holiday drink pack including a Hannukah themed one. Flavors include latke, apple sauce, chocolate coins (err, gelt) and jelly doughnut. Those who prefer treif flavours* can get the Christmas pack including such delicacies as Christmas ham soda. Just try not to pour any of the apple sauce soda on real latkes – although you could mix it in a glass with the latke flavored soda…

* Ed. Note: While some of the flavors may be evocative of treif, all the Jones Sodas are certified kosher and caffeine free!

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  • More demented minds concocting culinary atrocities.

    Where will it end???????????

  • Shy Guy, thanks for the heads up, but we received an email and a complimentary package of Jones Soda weeks ago. I’m still waiting for the result of spawnof6’s taste test, but we all knew about this before you provided us with a link (that doesn’t work by the way).

    But still, you’ve been a great contributor to Jewlicious and you deserve a big hat tip. Shit, you deserve a dozen hat tips just for “Martyr Gras.”

    So, from me to you on behalf of all Jewliciousness, please accept a hat tip and a big ol’ wet kiss!

  • Shy Guy, are you so desperate for appreciation? 😉

    I read about some canned roast turkey-flavoured sparkling drink before a year or two ago. Suppose they wouldn’t produce such drinks if there weren’t a market for them. (How many Redneck yidn are there anyway?)

  • please accept a hit tip and a big ol’ wet kiss!


    I was hoping for a complimentary Jone’s Yom Kippur sixpack. “Lite” would be an understatement.