“Abbas is very ugly! Olmert is very ugly! Hanniyeh is good!”
A local shared these words of wisdom with me on a recent trip to Ramallah. I was standing around the bus station (as it were) trying to figure out how to get the hell out of Ramallah given that all the checkpoints were closed due to a terror alert in Jerusalem this past Sunday. We were attracting a bit of a crowd and split when some Palestinian police officers suggested that we do so because it was getting dark and “…Daoud, there are many bad people here.” I suppose he was referring to the aforementioned Hamas supporter and his buddies. However, that dude got into the cab with us to the Kallandiyeh crossing and even paid for it, and he, unlike George Bush, leader of the free world, knew how to pronounce the names of Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas. He also knew what the capital of Uganda was. I’m not sure President Bush knows that either. Anyhow, while we were discussing Pam Anderson’s butt hole in the comments, Bush at the Annapolis Peace Talks, mangled pronunciation as follows:

source: ThinkProgress.org and CNN of course.

Anyhow, after three hours on the road (usually a 40 minute ride) we made it back to Jerusalem. So that was fun. Here are pics from this trip if you care:


Jewlicious' Ramallah III photoset Jewlicious’ Ramallah III photoset

So what else has been going on while we’ve been ignoring Annapolis? Well, it seems Tel Aviv beat Copenhagen! No, not in soccer or in cricket, but in fabulousness! See there’s been a bit of an online Fashionista Battle Royale, pitting the beautiful people of different cities against each other to see who is the fairest of them all. Check out StreetClash and vote for Israel in the next round. And if while ignoring Annapolis you want to hone your fashion sense even further, you MUST check out this new blog by Zeva, wife (imaginary or otherwise) of Harry.

Designist Dream (get it? get it?) deals with style, design and fashion in Israel. Chock full of bon mots and witticisms, Zeva lends credence to the claim that she actually exists by being a better blogger than Harry! Seriously though, check it out. Designist Dream is awesome. I mean unless you really want to follow the wankfest at Annapolis instead. Or the opening of Hooters in Netanya. It’s your call dude.

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  • thanks for the plug! im alive and well, just maintaining an air of mystery to avoid the paparazzi 🙂

  • Thanks for the link to the design blog – It went straight onto my favorites list!

    I don’t know why there seems to be so little Web presence for Israel’s fantastic art/design scene – even in Hebrew there doesn’t seem to be very much.

    Happy Chanukah!

  • Ok, I’ll admit it…I didn’t know there was a Summit going on (it is shopping season you know) and I can’t pronounce Olmert either. Is it over? Did the good guys win? Spark notes summary please, my daughters in Yeshiva are too deep into Rashi and Mishlay (what is that?) to explain it to me and inquiring minds want to know.