It’s been a while since we posted anything American Apparel related. The phone calls from Los Angeles started taking an angrier and more desperate tone, as if the entire future of the company depended upon increased media exposure on Jewlicious. Dov Charney himself was said to be asking “So nu? When are they going to write about us again?”

However, just as I was ready to give up and kiss bye-bye my fabled 50% discount and all other AA related perks, a story practically fell into my lap – one that was both relevant and didn’t involve billboards on the Lower East Side.

Perusing the American Apparel blog for inspiration, I saw a video of none other than our very own Noa Margalit and her band the Carsitters who had caught the attention of the company because they all wore AA outfits during their last show:

Also, they clearly, totally rocked.

The AA post in question also mentions that they are about to open up a new store in Jerusalem, across the street from Café Hillel and the Coffee Bean on Jaffa Steet, in front of an area affectionately known as Crack Square. Cool! Crack Square can now become the new “Bench” as surly Israeli hipsters edge out surly drunken Yeshiva and Seminary kids out past their curfews. More importantly, I will be back in the good books with AA and will surely be partying with Dov and a bevy of American Apparel models very, very soon!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • So nu…I asked about him just a few weeks ago…when are you guys setting me up? I’m telling you, this really is a shidduch.

  • Yep, Sept. 10 at 11:43 am under the Sarah Silverman little black dress debate…. Therefore CK, you dropped the ball on Dov and all future perks from AA should be going to me from now on…

  • Very nice indeed… Congrats on your profit retention (or shall i say discount retention?)

    Nice music!
    Are they coming to the US anytime soon?

  • I saw the Carsitters in Amsterdam 🙂
    That Noa chick is hot !!!!
    There aint nothing like Jewish girls!!!

  • Oy Chutzpah – what am I supposed to tell him? “Dov! Bubbeleh! Have I got a shidduch for you! She’s a prolific and much adored commenter on Jewlicious and I am pretty sure she’s Jewish and American. That’s all I know. Sounds perfect, no?” Be serious Chutzpah! If you want him, go get him – send him an email – [email protected] – God helps those who help themselves!

  • Thanks CK!

    I am going to write to him in detail about what I want to do to him in his office and that I’d be happy to blog about it or sign a confidentiality agreement at his discretion.

    Maybe I should send it to you to forward on to him since I wouldn’t want it intercepted by any perky executive assistants who may not be as creative as I am…but then you might not be able to work for the rest of the day…

  • Chutzpah – you’d be amazed at what I can put up with. That having been said and as tantalizing as your prose may be, I still suggest you email it directly to him. His staff is actually very professional.

  • Well, I didn’t really intend on being very professional, now this is going to take some time. I’ll have to go buy tube socks and then find someone to take pictures of me in them and then put together a PowerPoint presentation on why we are actually soulmates. JDate is much easier, but I see big potential here.

  • it’s amazing how much THIS BAND ROCKS. I can’t get that much fun as going nuts in their shows from any other band i know!

  • After seeing Noa and the carsitters draped in AA, I went out and bought a new wordrobe powered by AA! Thanks for the comfy inspiration!

  • Justin u shmendrik – you shoulda called me first…

    Chutzpa: Uh don’t buy just any tube socks ok? Make sure they’re American Apparel thigh highs…

  • is it the foo fighters? nada surf? L7? no it’s the carsitters!

    really tight rock band and of course my guitar hero yoav “george” rosenthal shredding away

    mucho respect guys keep on rocking!

  • The Carsitters are definitely the best thing that’s happening in the Israeli rock music industry.
    I know they are going to make it very big and very soon in the States, and I’m glad I’ve had the chance to see them more than once at live concerts in small clubs in TLV.
    I heard their CD is coming out soon, and I recommend that everyone takes the time and checks it out!

  • ראיתי שמעתי וווווווווווהתלהבתי מאד!! בקרוב הם בטופ העולמי!
    ראו הוזהרתם!

  • Of course.! With the new three pack I can give a pair to each of my girls to wear under their Yeshiva uniforms…if they only knew what Mom was thinking of doing in them…

  • I don’t like the new format for the recent comments section. It is lifeless.

  • kilgore trout, is that you?!

    ck, I’m seriously considering stalking you.

  • The carsitters certainly got that music vibe going on amazingly!

    If you havn’t heard them before, now’s the time to start!

    p.s. they all kick ass.
    p.s.s the link to their site is broken, it’s “thecarsitters” and not “carsitters”

  • Kick ass music!!!
    Have their album in the car and run it in loops.
    Hope to see them play at a venue near me soon.

  • Please tell us when you are coming to perform in New York cause we won’t miss it for the world ! ! !