Yitz Jordan (Small).jpgAs if attending an Idan Raichel Project show wasn’t exciting enough — and it is, believe me — last night’s show at the Fillmore East in NYC featured a spontaneous performance by Matisyahu, who’d been hanging in the VIP section, and Y-Love, who embraced the collaboration as the monumental moment it was bound to become. I hung out with Tahli Miller (Mrs. Yahu) who was sans kids for the night. We talked about her film in progress about shomer negiah relationships, and she promised to let Jewlicious know when she had a trailer or something to share.

Erez Shudnow (Small).jpgAfter the show, I spied Y-Love briefly, and he was a little breathless, as he tried to take in the convergence that was that moment, but mostly, you could tell how excited he was to have performed on such a stage.

Want a longwinded account of the concert experience? As usual, I can provide you with that.

Want footage? DJ Handler at Shemspeed posted the Kvellfest a little while ago…It’s a YouTube/JewTube world now…

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  • I was there. Great show!!!! and I wasn’t even to keen on going in the beginning. How bad was that mess in the front getting in, very badly organized. They kept people waiting online for a long time. They at least made up for it with a great show.

  • i am kicking myself. I have two of his CD’s, saw the documentary on his trip to Ethiopia and saw him perform a fwe songs a couple of weeks ago on Manhattan’s UES at Alliance Francaise. I walked by Fillmore on Irving Place last night at 6PM and saw a line, and at 8PM, an hour after the door open time I saw two huge lines to the North and South of the entrance and yelling matches at the door. I opted to eat a felafal at Maoz instead and hand at B&N. I guess I should have been a more obsessive fan and braved the lines for the show. – Larry (MyJewishBooks.com)

  • Sarah Says:
    November 21st, 2007 at 8:36 am
    ck, if I sing for you, will you give me a pet name, too?

    It’s been a long time since anyone’s been called “Naughty Lola”. 🙂

  • Oy, u r hockin’ me in chup wit dat shit.

    I’ll take the Carsitters instead.

    Y-Love you could rap with the best of them over at La Kalle 105.9 radio.

    Movie about Shomer Negiah…is that the first “G” rated porno?

  • That was some concert! What energy! I always thought it’s funny how some Jews think of “hava nagiah” as Jewish music.