One People...

Monday morning…
deepthroat reports: “What the hell is this hotel’s problem? They’re built for conferences, but the business center only has one computer that prints!! That photo is one of the conference center lobbies, after hours.”

As you can see, the lobby is beautifully decorated with banners promoting Jewish unity. You can see “One People” and in the back “One Destiny.” For our friends in France that would be “Un peuple – Un destin.” In Russian that would be “Один народ – Одна судьба.” In German that would be “Ein volk – ein…”

Oh. Shit.

Who approves these banners? Yeah. Jewish literacy. Rah! Rah! Rah! What next? “Einheit macht frei?”
(Google it if you don’t get the reference)

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  • Unity brings Freedom? Reflective of the work brings freedom slogan that greeted people at Auschwitz? Ordinarily I’d be offended, but this is Jewlicious whereas the GA people really should have known better.

  • If G-d and History (that’s one) likes our One better than their One, that is ok. What the signes really mean is One Torah, but it’s not time for that yet. Be patient. When you see a sign, you have to read between the lines.