In the past year, Jewlicious has recorded 1262 visits from what Google calls the Palestinian Territories. What sort of insight might we be able to gain from this informal interaction? Well, it seems the vast majority of the traffic, 84% of it, came from search engine results. The top keywords were as follows:

Arabs on Jewlicious1. israeli girls
2. israeli sex movies
3. palestinian singles
4. hot israeli girls
5. israeli sex movie
6. arab hot babe
7. escort israel
8. german colony restaurant
9. israel girls
10. hot israelis

Other notable keywords were: address sex home in tel aviv, balestine gay (not a typo), gay arab shoes, gay nazis pic, homophobia palestine, natalie portman zionist, sex children egy 15year photo (??? I don’t want to know…), shakshuka recipe and of course miri eisin. The rest of the Arab world evinces similar themes – Egypt, with 8,664 visits has israeli girls, israeli babes and hot israeli girls as top key words (shakshuka is in there too). The United Arab Emirates with 8,023 visitors has Israeli girls, Israeli babes and Jewish babes as their top key words. Israel, with 398,342 visitors in the past year had jewlicious, israeli babes and shakshuka as it’s top three keywords.

Look, one tends to get overwhelmed by everything here in Jerusalem. Political machinations and intrigue can get so infuriating that you learn to tune it out as a survival mechanism. Me? I’m just some guy on a lap top in Jerusalem – I wouldn’t even call myself a pundit. I really don’t know much about anything, but I do know how to read Web stats. I also know I’d love to live in peace. I don’t know how that’s going to happen, but if I may give a tip to everyone attending that peace summit in Annapolis, it’s this: If there is ever to be a just and lasting peace in the middle east, I sense that it’ll somehow involve hot babes and shakshuka.

Do with that what you will.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • CK- Can you cover the anti-division movement in Jerusalem? Rallies? Protests?

    Or is everyone in a shakshuka induced trance unable to budge, and protect Israel from the nefarious plans of Olmert and Co.

  • This tells us that a lot of Arab men are crazy about Israeli Jewish girls. Who can blame them? At least that’s one area I agree with them on.

  • A while ago I did a keyword search on Adwords for Israel and Israeli. Some of the most searched for were hot Israeli girls, IDF girls pictures and variations of those.
    I didn’t bother with a geographical breakdown.
    Hmmm, makes me wonder what those men might be thinking about at the border crossings with the IDF girls there.

  • Are you sure the hits from the West Bank are not coming from Israeli settlers?

  • Joanne: West Bank Settlers use Israeli ISPs – those are registered as hits coming from Israel, whereas Palestinians for the most part use Palestinian ISPs. While Palestinian ISPs get their bandwidth from Israel, the .pa exstension makes those hits count as Palestinian Territory hits, hence the post stands. Face it – everyone loves our wimmins!

  • Did I miss something? Because hot babes and shakshuka ushering in peace sounds awfully intermarriage/dating. Is that really what you were getting at?

  • Those A-rabs probably just like the “experimentation” that Israeli girls are willing to explore, unlike their terrorist counterparts. Also, wow only 1262 hits from a population of over 4 million? They are probably too busy thinking about how to blow up the Israeli girls they secretly lust after.

  • Aside from the obvious hotness of Israeli babes, and casting PC to the wind, there is a reason for Palestinian/Arab obssession with Israeli women, and that is 2 things: It’s a fantasy of people who feel they are victimized/oppressed by the Israelis/Jews to want to f*kc the “oppressor’s” women (naturally, coming from a patriarchal society, their attitude is that the Israeli women “belong” to their Israeli men) –that and the perception (mostly true, excluding haredi sectors) that Israeli women are much more sexually promiscuous and libertine than their Arab and Palestinian counterparts , coupled with the sexually repressive atmosphere in Arab/Muslim societies makes the notion of bedding an Israeli woman very attractive to them.

  • Aren’t you people aware that if a similar study is pertaining to any geographical region the results will be the same? Worldwide, the most popular google search words are historically sex-related, and by picking this result and attributing it to the palestinians alone you are merely showing off your undemocratic, hostile, and, excuse me, fascist stance towards those people. Great job.

  • Blah: Undemocratic and hostile? This was presented as a beacon of hope, a sign of some commonality in an otherwise fractious arena! What does any of this have to do with Democracy and, excuse me, Fascism? Pray tell, please enlighten me. I have an Honors degree in Political Science but I must have missed those classes – you know, where they teach you to apply those terms to something seemingly unrelated.

    Yes, I am being facetious. You are actually a moron. That’s what I really wanted to say.

  • themiddle:

    Typical Israeli-left response; terrorist sympathy. You cannot reason with the Animalstinians, one day you will realize this.

  • themiddle, wow that was a quick response… I thought you would be busy servicing Peres.

  • hi i´m an arab boy and i love to see israeli hot babes, models, sexy beach girls in our nicely occuppied palestine and i love your girls. how lucky are you that don´t have any hijabs or abbayas in your beaches.

  • hi i´m an arab boy and i love a lot the israelian babes, such as models or your sexy beach babes in our nicely occuppied palestine. if you continue thus i think we wouldn´t never want to liberate it.
    god bless your babes;).