Sure he was a rabid crazy anti-semite. Sure he wanted to arrest all jews, close all synagogues and thought the Jews controlled US policy entirely. Sure he thought that his stuff being sold because of a jewish conspiracy after he didn’t pay storage fees. But as Oscar Wilde puts it:

“Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.”

And so Bobby you crazy chess diamond, Muffti hopes you found peace. If there’s an afterlife, Muffti hopes you get in some good games with Karpov, Kasparov and Spassky when they follow your lead. With any luck the afterlife will be more accommodating to the millions of conditions you like to put on your chess matches.

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  • Can’t say RIP for the man who was probably to chess what Ty Cobb was to baseball– for a time, the best there was.

    But also a miserable, tortured human being.

    We can’t help who impacts our lives, and when those that did pass on, I guess it’s reasonable to reflect.

    I had a lot of fun that summer of ’72; a lot of Americans did. It opened a new world to many of us, and it loomed large as a bloodless Cold War victory until it was surpassed by the “Miracle On Ice” in 1980.

    I thought the tone of “Searching For Bobby Fischer”, a really nice movie, hit it about right– Fischer after 1972 was so despicable, but so clearly mentally ill, that it was just….sad.

  • And don’t forget, all his bizarre anti-Semitism aside…he was a Jew as well! (Mother certainly Jewish, and father coudda been).

    Aah, crazy Bobby. I’ll miss the guy, even if he was a nutball. Although I have to admit — I am amazed at the accolades his chess ability has garnered in the last day or so…having not been alive in
    ’72, I wasn’t sure how much of the Fischer myth was hype. Now I know (although I’m sure Kasparov wouldn’t be nearly so effusive if he’d actually played him…)