Who knew that was possible? On Avi Fox-Rosen’s new CD, One, jazz, folk, and classical elements are all present. The variety of musics present make listening to the songs enjoyable and fun. The acoustic sounds is like a mixture of Ani Difranco, REM, and Jeff Buckley. Avi was mentioned as one of Zeek’s featured artists in its issue of Best New Jewish Music, so if you weren’t convinced already, you should be now because they’re legit. Definitely check it out!

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  • Not only is it possible, it’s NOT a first. Rafael [Roman] Kunsman, z”l, made an album called “Hassidjazz” where he performed Chassidic niggunim in a jazz setting. In addition, he wrote a suite based on R. Shlomo Carlebach’s niggun, “V’Zocher Chasdei Avos,” in a classical mode. Yes, it’s been done!

  • Does anyone have a good copy of the PBS show FROM SHTETL TO SWING that I could get a copy of…preferably burned to DVD? It is not commercially available and my DVR deleted it somehow.

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