Some of you may notice a little button on the right where for the first time ever, Jewlicious is asking for a donation.

It’s actually not Jewlicious but Jewlicious Festivals, which is run by two of our members, Rabbi Yonah and ck. For those who have attended these annual events, I don’t need to describe how much fun, how exciting and how…Jewlicious they are. Hundreds of young Jewish men and women attend for three days full of music, laughter, discussions both heavy and light, lessons on everything from blogging to the latest in Middle East politics, sports, lots of great food, and of course, shabbat.

For those who haven’t attended, as somebody fortunate enough to have been to one, I can attest to the positive energy that courses through this event and how great it is to see hundreds of young Jews relating to each other in so many ways that relate to their regular lives but also touch on, well, on being Jews.

Everything was going smoothly this year until a little hiccup has caused an unexpected financial shortfall at the last minute. Unfortunately, the late date of this surprise has created a problem for the organizers, Rabbi Yonah and ck. Although neither has written about it, nor asked me to write this essay, I am sure they are working hard to raise the difference.

They need help. It would be nice if you, dear reader, would consider helping. Or better yet, contact your well-to-do father/aunt/friend and ask them if they would like to participate. This is, in my opinion, a great mitzvah and an extremely worthwhile one.

As a final note, I should point out that this festival is not run for profit and the funds raised are used to pay for expenses. Rabbi Yonah has been extraordinarily efficient in running these events, so contributed money is not going to waste. I also have to point out that Jewlicious itself is a labor of love and none of us are paid for our contributions here. In other words, the benefit of any assistance go directly to Jewlicious Festivals and benefit young Jewish men and women who participate.

In light of this, and with apologies to my co-posters Rabbi Yo and ck who weren’t aware that I was going to reach a hand out in a request for financial assistance, I ask you to help put on this great event.

PS Those of you who are lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Long Beach, CA, if you don’t have tickets yet, get some. Along with all the other programming, there are going to be two musical events this year and both look terrific!

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