Even the representative of UNwatch thinks they aren’t useless – they are downright harmful!

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  • TM, have you at least been awarded a T-shirt by now?

    As to the UN…

    There’s been a follow-up article in Jüdische Allgemeine of 22 November 2007; it reports on John Bolton’s (former US ambassador to the UNO) accounts on the ongoings at the UN: Israel was used as the whipping boy in place of the US, the Israeli attack on a non-furtherly defined target in Syria on 6th September had actually been a strike against a nuclear facility provided by North Korea and funded by Iran, and states that regularly violated human rights ambitiously aimed at becoming members of the Human Rights Council so they could cover up their very own violations of human rights and point their fingers at Israel.

  • Careful in citing John Bolton, froylein. For many of our friends on this site, Bolton embodies the evil that is the Bush Administration– it’s inadmissible that he could possibly be right about anything.

  • Tom, ck told me he likes my being opinionated. (And it’s not as if I were proposing to that person.) Afterall I’m probably the only one among the bloggers here that has ever had more than half a dozen piercings at a time. 😉

  • UN leader sez: “You’ve hurt our feelings, you bad man!”

    Nathan sez: I’d like to buy that guy the first round – yasher koach!

  • Who was the speaker he should be given a MEDAL!!!!

    is there anyone old enough here to remember ARAFARTS speech? pity there was no Youtube then

  • Aw Muffti! That’s little Hillel Neuer. Yeah, we used to hang with his big brother at McGill. Also… this is the second appearance of this clip on Jewlicious. Any particular reason?

  • Muffti thought he seemed familiar. Muffti didn’t realize that the clip had made its way to our mormon blog in the past. Philosophers think, they don’t research… 😉

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