Aw yeah. Fun night. Got to see a few friends I hadn’t seen in a bit while enjoying the musical stylings of the Taglit-birthright israel Israelity crew along with about 500 Los Angelinos at the Avalon. Tomorrow night I’ll be in Vegas for the final installment of this bold and audacious concert tour! Stay tuned for more (any?) shenanigans. In the meantime, here’s some pics:


Michelle Citrin opened up. A consummate performer and a Taglit-birthright israel alumna, she connected well with the audience and even treated us to a new song!


Coolooloosh and Rebel Sun wowed us with their cool Jerusalem mix of hip hop, Funk and Jazz! Total booty shaking awesomeness.


They insisted I take their pic and promised to send me $5 if I put the photo online.


Subliminal and the appropriately named Shadow performed to an enthusiastic audience. More Star-of-David festooned bling than two Pico/Robertson Judaica shops, Israel’s ambassadors of Rap and their Tact Family crew rocked the uh… hizouse.


The favorite performer at countless Taglit-birthright israel mega events, an ROI120 alum and proud member of Israel’s fabled Montreal Mafia, Shai 360 was in great form, shimmying and shaking all over the stage while belting out multi-lingual rhymes.

More tomorrow from Vegas!

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  • As an argentinean, I can’t avoid being REALLY envious about the post-birthright activities organized by Taglit in USA. Though I’m not a birthright alumni myself (but a ROInik), I want them to organice Israelity Tours near where I live!!

    Ven Ich Bin At Las Vegas…

  • Hola Gabriel! I’m just pleased that you read Jewlicious all the way there in Argentina! Think of Jewlicious as a special kind of post-birthright, post-ROI type programing made just for you and other geographically challenged individuals where you get to contemplate issues of Jewish identity and the role of Israel in the post-Zionist era while living vicariously through… well, me.

    God help the Jewish people…

  • So yeah, in case anybody didn’t know, Jewish hiphop is running it

    So now I understand why American Jewish rappers weren’t booked… 😀

  • ck, from now on I’ll present myself as a “geographically challenged Jew”… I love reading Jewlicious, though sometimes I feel like a little boy looking from outside the window with my nose on the glass… keep posting, I’ll keep reading.

  • if either of the two girls from Santa Cruz that I talked to after the SF show are reading this, please to holleur at the kid…:)

  • Nice meeting you guys (Esther and David). I had to check back on the site after the minor guilt-trip. But wheres ma picture?

    Fun concert nevertheless, looking forward to jewlicious.

  • Jessi, looking forward to seeing you again! Nice to meet commenters in person, always…

    The concerts were a blast. And, we would love to do an Argentina tour!! Seriously, one of the most amazing experiences to be a part of…Birthright Israel has got major moves…