Goddess Perlman of Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad outdoes the boys in this awesome Purim themed video. Employing a combination of carefully styled Lego people and lyrics punched up with uh… cunning linguistics, this video is both sacreligious and oddly appropriate. But uhm… don’t forward this to your Rabbi, unless your Rabbi is one of those Rabbis. You know what I mean! Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad:
FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KVETCH! KVETCH! is playing every Saturday night through April 26th at the Zipper Factory in New York. Visit their Web site for more details.

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  • I always knew hamentachen looked like lady business. But that’s cool, most things do.
    I love Jewlicious. Let me tell you. I love Jewlicious like a fat kid loves cake. And so do you.
    CK, you are so hot you make my teeth sweat.
    Let me assume I speak for all the ladies in the world, ever, and say that Jewlicious can eat our hamentachen anytime!

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