Vatican institutes Jewliciosu Greenkeit

At the recent Jewlicious Festival, one of our innovations was the institution of GreenKeit – a manifesto of sorts that merges environmental consciousness and traditional Jewish values. As such, we sought to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint and environmental impact by doing things like using compostable cutlery made out of corn and sugar cane, using American Apparel organic cotton t-shirts – heck even our name tags were made out of old cereal boxes!

You know what would have been cooler though? It would have been cooler if we would have been Catholic. Huh? Yeah, because then we would have been ahead of the curve! I say this in light of the Vatican’s institution of seven new mortal sins, with number three being listed as “polluting the environment.” This new Vatican initiative is meant to appeal to modern Catholics but really it’s a thinly veiled attack against the Jews. How so? Because number six is “becoming obscenely wealthy,” and we know that all Jews are very rich.

Wait a minute. #4: causing social injustice, #5: causing poverty, #6: becoming obscenely wealthy… do these mortal sins apply to uhm… certain institutions as well? Just asking…

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