Those of you who don’t already subscribe to The Honey newsletter should (in my humble opinion). It’s a regular e-newsletter about life in Israel, which highlights great new shops, restaurants and experiences that will enhance your next trip to Israel. And they also include information on how to help regions that need help–in this issue, Sderot:

There’s only so much partying to be done in the name of Purim, which means it’s time to start thinking of the world beyond. The scenes from Sderot – of cowering children, destroyed homes and lives turned upside down (Peace Man from Gaza and Hope Man from Sderot) make us all wince and want to…do something. Showing support with your wallet is not a new concept, but does help make a difference. We’ve assembled names of several local businesses that can ship within Sderot, across the country, even across the great Atlantic. Get on the phone.

1. Etzel Nissim: Nissim can taken care of sending small Purim gifts – toys, trinkets and costumes – to local children, 08-689-8011.
2. Chai li Prachim: Leeor Yehudai can send plants or flowers countrywide but even better, he can deliver a bouquet or plant to locals whose homes and gardens have been destroyed and need replanting, 08-689-2069.
3. Markol Super Dahan: Dani Dahan sends gifts countrywide and has all kinds of holiday baskets for Purim and even for Pesach, so call him back in a month, 08-689-7904.
4. Ma’afiyat Oren Meshi: Yigal Shlomi will arrange for a lovely array of freshly baked pastries to be delivered to anyone in the Sderot community. You choose the amount you’d like to donate in ‘baked form,’ 08-672-7171.
5. Sderot Tours: Plan your next outing in or out of the country with Tzion Auchna, 08-661-0266/7.
6. Artist and sculptor, as well as third-generation Sderoter Haviv Ben-Abu took images of his sculptures and created gift cards so that he could spread the word about his special part of the world, 052-365-6443.

The Honey also notes that “if overseas readers need any help in reaching some of these local business people, just give us a holler at” Thanks, the Honey!

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  • Sderot Information Center for the Western Negev Ltd.
    POB 472, 12 RaKefet Street, Sderot , Israel,
    Tel: 077 3002576


    The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story. For that reason, The Sderot Media Center for the Western Negev LTD was pioneered to present the human face of Sderot and the Western Negev to the media and in the public domain . Operating with full transparency* as an Israeli corporation that serves the public interest, we seek sponsors for the following projects that we have initiated:

    1. Tours for reporters, diplomats and groups to publicize the humanitarian Crisis of Sderot and the Western Negev

    At a time when tens of media services and pro-Arab advocacy organizations promote a “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza, we organize daily tours for reporters, diplomats and visiting groups to witness the real humanitarian crisis – the trauma faced by the people of the Western Negev who live under daily bombardment from Gaza. Seeing is believing. Parents, children, teachers, mental health professionals, security officers present their human face under fire that a visitor will never forget. The cost of running these daily trips comes to $5000 per month

    2. Community Theater Therapy Project

    We have launched a community theater therapy project, where artists and therapists provide children in Sderot with treatment through the means of Community Theater. Working on the model of community theater therapy developed by the department of community psychiatry in the Israeli Ministry of Health more than 35 years ago, this is a proven practical treatment model for children who suffer the consequences of traumatic stress caused by the sustained missile attacks on the Sderot region. The budget comes to $10,000. per month

    3. Documentary Film.

    Over the past two years, we have assembled hours of film clips, which show people under attack, in real time, eager to tell their story. Working with a leading filmmaker, The SMC seeks sponsors to produce a seminal documentary film that will portray the trauma that the people of Sderot and the Western Negev have weathered over the past six years. The remaining budget needed to produce this film is $50,000

    4. Presence in Government offices in Jerusalem.

    Public transportation has been virtually eliminated between Sderot and Jerusalem, making it nearly impossible for residents to travel to Jerusalem to meet with decision makers, government officials and members of the Knesset to protest their predicament and to fight for their rights as citizens of Israel. We seek sponsors for a weekly bus trip to bring Sderot and Western Negev residents to Jerusalem. Each bus trip costs $500.

    5. Legal aid.

    People who suffered hardships as a direct result of the continued security situation often do not know where to turn. Distant Israeli Government offices located in Ashkelon and Jerusalem are not readily accessible. Government damage assessors come days and weeks after rocket attacks, and often underestimate the damage done to families. People whose businesses have suffered direct hits have found that they do not have proper insurance to cover damage and have to fight for basis compensation. We have therefore rented special facilities for lawyers from around Israel to come to Sderot to advise people of their rights. The costs of this Legal Aid service is \$1000 per month

    6. A Data Base of Needy Families.

    Families turn everywhere for help, especially those who have been forced out of work because of the situation. Sderot is flooded with well meaning people who want to help. However, there is no organized and updated list of who really needs help. There, we seek to engage the services of a social work professional to document the needs of each family in need and to connect donor to families, in such a way that will preserve the dignity of each family in need. We will make its data vase of families in need to all agencies, foundations and individuals who want to help the people of Sderot and the Western Negev at this time. The monthly cost of this database will be $1800.

    *Transparency: We work with a CPA, authorized to share records with anyone who asks to see them. We work with advisors, which include the head of the Sderot Business Association, the head of the Sderot Parents Association and the head of the regional mental health center.
    Bank Account of the SMC : Bank HaPoalim, Sderot Branch no. 649 Account no. 480546

    US tax deductible address:
    POB 1783