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Applications for the 2008 ROI Summit are due by Friday, March 28. The ROI Summit is an annual affair bringing together 120 young Jewish leaders from around the world to Jerusalem for 4 days of networking, skills sessions and fun. ROI120 attracts young Jewish leaders from all kinds of backgrounds, affiliations and orientations with the aim of creating some kind of crazy synergy. Now I know, many of you are thinking that this is yet another one of those Jew things where Jew geeks get together and talk interminably about Jew stuff. Well, you could think that but you’d be wrong. The ROI Summit has in the past united Jewish innovators as diverse as musicians, journalists, activists, writers, business men, tech geeks, bloggers, educators, environmentalists, yoga instructors, editors, animators, you name it. Each participant brought a little something different to the table and most people involved emerged from the Summit with their horizons broadened and new friends.

The strength of ROI, and this is just my personal opinion, is in its diversity. Consequently, this post is a plea for those of you who are passionate about what you do, who have projects that could use the support such a networking opportunity could bring or who have expertise that might help someone else in the furtherance of their project – this is a plea for you to consider applying – even if, actually especially if, you don’t feel you fit the typical profile of the kind of person who might be interested in something like this.

I have been involved in ROI since its inception. Since then I have participated in or personally provided assistance to people involved in many projects. ROI120 is an organization that keeps on giving. They have set up a fund that has been used to seed fund promising projects. They provide continued assistance to alumni wishing to travel to and participate in other conferences. They have facilitated reunions in Israel, Europe and the US. Everywhere I go, anywhere that cool stuff is happening, I see ROI alums working together – including, but not limited to, our recent Jewlicious Festival.

So go on. Apply. It’ll take you maybe 20 minutes to fill out the form. And if it all works out and you make it to Jerusalem, first beer’s on me. Seriously.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the support of Taglit -Birthright Israel, The Center for Leadership Initiatives, The Schusterman Foundation and the fine staff at ROI120 for making this amazing thing happen.

It really is amazing. I’m not kidding. Apply today!

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