Haifa Twilight

Convergence at Twilight

NatashaP from Flickr gave us this beautiful image of Haifa at twilight.

This was a weird week for signals. The Americans wanted to reveal the connection between Syria and the North Koreans, so it was divulged that Israel targeted a nuclear facility several months ago. It was also divulged that Ehud Olmert had put the entire Golan on the table for a peace agreement with Syria. This was confirmed by Assad himself. So either we’re close to peace or we’re not. Nobody knows.

Speaking of symbols, Carter gave Hamas legitimacy and came away with nothing in return. They denied even the little bit he said he got at his press conference. Later in the week, the Egyptians let it slip out that Hamas may be ready for a cease fire. The Israelis don’t seem to care, feeling it would just be a military build-up period for the terrorists. In the meantime, some ministers appear to waver on this.

If you’re not reading 60bloggers.com, go there now. Our own Rabbi Yonah is one of the organizers of this terrific idea where there’s a daily post by a blogger connected to Israel or to Jewish life. Many of the illustrations are provided by our own quite inventive and talented ck.

Shabbat shalom!!

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