Every June, MTV launches their Movie Awards, with categories like “Best Kiss” and “Best Onscreen Duo” that you won’t see during the Oscars. (Which might be what makes the Oscars so boring, but whatever.) There’s also a movie spoof contest, and “Jewno” could be a contender.

Some of you loved “Jewno,” and others either hated or didn’t get it.

The first step is getting hits to the funnyordie page on the MTV playlist page. The other two spoofs are of “The Eye” (which I’m pretty sure describes how many people saw it) and “Into the Wild,” which I didn’t see so I can’t tell you how funny/parodically-accurate it is. But I can point out that the “Jewno” video is spot-on in terms of capturing the language and plot of the original work that it spoofs, and even brings back JK Simmons to reprise his role, making it, in my humble opinion, the obvious choice.

Give it a view, and vote if you’re inspired…

And while you’re thinking of the MTV Movie Awards, check out this service announcement about Boratitis.

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