Amy WinehouseLame title I know, but… guess who is coming to Israel? Why none other than embattled 5-time Grammy award winning songstress Amy Winehouse! While she will not be attending the ROI Summit for young global Jewish innovators, she will be attending a rehabilitation center. But why in Israel? Well, it’s not for the hummus, but rather for a radical 3-day procedure pioneered by Dr. Andre Waismann. Costing $12,700 and lasting a mere three days, the Doctor guarantees that all patients undergoing treatment will be discharged healthy and no longer dependent on opiates. Afterwards, Amy will spend a few days in a Hotel while encouraged to engage in moderate physical activity. Amy’s expected in Israel within weeks… just in time for ROI, hmmm…. Anyhow – with Dr. Waismann’s “Accelerated Neuro-Regulation” treatment, can we chalk another one up there for Israeli innovation? Can we expect Keith Richards here any time soon as well?

Source: Haaretz – But it’s bullshit according to Winehouse’s people. You mean Ha’aretz got it wrong? Golly.

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  • sounds like the time they put pigeons on my stomach at Neve and told me I’d be cured of hepatitis A…lo,lo,lo

  • Tori: 5 Time Grammy Award winner and she’s Jewish. Now granted, as far as Jews go, she’s not by any means the Jewiest Jewess around. Not by any means. But she is undoubtedly talented and yet still tragically flawed. In any case, this story had to go up because there was an Israel element. I don’t remember the last time I wrote about Amy – I think maybe Purim time? But I do try to keep myself in check… you prefer a post on Norman Finkelstein? OK, you got it… stay tuned…

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    Haaretz saying something wrong?
    Can that ever happen to them?
    I thought they were the highest ideal of truth and perfection human beings could ever dream to aspire to.
    Next time you will try to convince us that Haaretz has an agenda.

  • Oh yes, would it be true, she would be paying 130,000 dollars for a treatment that has been around for years (at least in Europe), dispensed for free (at least in Europe), with a long term sucess rate of almost 0. And as a professional who has worked in the addiction field, I have seen may patients literally crawling out of the hospital bed to go and get the drug they so love. It doesn’t treat the cravings, it eases the withdrawal symptoms. What Dr Wasman claims borders on fraudulent and I feel sorry for the people who buy that sort of crap. It makes me nauseated. Talk about abusing the poor addicts. There is no one effective cure and if there was EVERYONE would be on it.

  • Anyway it seems that she is beyond this Waismann diet and would have to go to this really tough place on Har Gilboa to get serious treatment for quite a while. And unfortunately they already have a long waiting list there.