Canada seems to have a calming effect on most of its inhabitants; but not these fellows. From The Vancouver Sun:

For the first time since the arrests of 18 terrorism suspects in 2006, a court heard on Thursday the men describe the ideology behind their alleged scheme to attack Canada.

In wiretaps played at the trial of a 20-year-old man, his co-accused spoke at length about their “global fight” to “get rid of the oppressors.” They discussed the benefits of martyrdom and the need to retaliate against foreign soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, even if on Western soil. “You harm one Muslim, the whole Muslim [nation] has to defend that person,” the accused leader of the group said.

None of the suspects can be identified because of a publication ban.
In another recorded conversation, the alleged leader explained, “If they’re your enemy, they’re your enemy everywhere you see them.” He continued: “So, if the Jews are your enemy in Israel, it doesn’t mean Jews are not your enemy here. Every single Jew is your enemy.”

If that rule applies, someone might think you could just kill any Jewish man walking down the street, another group member said. “If the guy walking down the street says, pro Zion, pro Zion . . . wears a big Jewish thing saying, yeah, pro Israeli state . . . okay, now you’re a target. “If you are to do . . . to that guy you wouldn’t be held accountable like, by ‘Allah’ or anything . . . and you would be rewarded for it because he is an enemy.”

The alleged leader said in one wiretap that he was planning something on a “greater scale” than the 2005 London bombings.

The court heard that he had spent “every last penny” — or about $4,000 — on a shipment of 13 firearms from Mexico.

The total cost of $10,000 was due at the end of March or the supplier would have to sell them on the street, he said in a wire-tap. To raise money, he met a man who was running an elaborate bank scam. The fraudster, identified as Talib, was using “white,” “blond,” women, possibly “crack heads,” to take out bank loans with fraudulent information. They would cash the cheques at a payday lending store.

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