What the hell? What started off as an idea in the head of new olah and Tel Aviv resident Yana Kutikova has now blossomed into a veritable media sensation. You may recall we already discussed Haolim in a previous post. Since then, the project has received press coverage on the front page of the Jerusalem Post and the JTA and a few other places (I’ll provide the links when the stories go live) and blogs like eJewishphilanthropy. More than the story of an upcoming television show, this is the story of how a good idea combined with talent and creativity can make things happen. Highlight Films, the production company behind Haolim, is an Israeli film production powerhouse. They are currently in the process of finalizing partnership agreements with some pretty impressive people and I expect to get hear more news from them shortly. In the meantime, check out this hot trailer. If you’re not currently in Israel, enjoying the sun, the beach, the beautiful people, awesome nightlife and amazing historical and spiritual sites, you’re going to wish you were after watching this:

So… think you got what it takes to be the first Ultimate Oleh or Olah? Feel you got what it takes to win a new apartment, a new car, a new job and a fabulous new life in the Jewish homeland? Go to Haolim.tv, read the eligibility criteria, and, you know… apply! Swamp draining experience is unnecessary.

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  • Seriously?

    That actually looks kind of fun. Revisit the Golden Age of Israel.

    Mi Yivneh Bayt B’Tel Aviv?
    Anachnu HaChaletzim
    Niveneh et Tel Aviv
    Havu Homer V’L’Venim
    V’Nivneh et Tel Aviv!

  • I just hope it won’t be all-kosher, all-modest, separating boys from girls… Please remember there are some hot Jews around…

  • Oh really? Hot Jews?? Really? I had no idea… I mean I figured a reality TV show based in Tel Aviv and inspired by The Real World and Survivor with 8 men and women living in one house and hanging out at the beach in Tel Aviv etc. would be all about religion and spirituality. Because we all know that all people in Israel wear beards and black hats and coats. Even in the summer when they work the fields of the kibbutz they live on.

    Man. There is such a strong need for this show….

  • I don’t see the connection – why can’t you be hot and also kosher and modest?

  • you can be. The hottest girl I saw in israel was orthodox, not some ho on tel aviv beach.

  • this is the story of how a good idea combined with talent and creativity can make things happen

    lol “good idea”? or the most hackneyed TV concept of the last ten years?

    not hating, just saying this is not some groundbreaking isht. I will watch this though.

    PS some typically questionable fetishization going on here in the comments…