Jerusalem Pride 2008

Yesterday’s Jerusalem Pride Parade, organized by the Jerusalem Open House went off uneventfully. This is a good thing, given the stabbings that took place three years ago and the rioting in Meah Shearim last year. There was rioting this year but I think only one trash bin was set on fire whereas in the past you could count on several riots that involved the burning of at least half a dozen trash bins. The Parade organizers, who chose the theme of Ahavat Chinam (Unlimited Love) this year have done a great job defusing criticism by making the parade a relatively low key affair. They even began the parade with teffilat ha derech – the traditional prayer said when one is about to go on a journey and one of the speakers said a Dvar Torah about this week’s Torah portion. But what’s a pride parade without assless chaps? It’s hard to get excited when there are no assless chaps anywhere. I was however pleased by the spirit of inclusiveness and was not remotely made to feel bad about being heterosexual. Also the occasional lesbians making out was cool. Always cool!

Jerusalem Pride 2008

Of course there was a counter demonstration where the police outnumbered the demonstrators by a 5 to 1 ratio. Yes. That smiling dude is holding up a noose. Oy. In any case, there were about 9 guys screaming at passing parade participants. They didn’t even have enough men for a minyan.

That having been said, I think I can guess where the 10th guy was that day.

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