A concept so obvious, even a child can understand it?

Mcgill History Professor and ROI120 facilitator (2006 and 2007) Gil Troy’s latest book, Leading From The Center: Why Moderates Make The Best Presidents argues that historically, the most successful American Presidents had been what he likes to call “muscular moderates”: Presidents who succeeded not due to their bold political visions, but rather due to their moderation. The book is thick with detail as befits a work by a history professor and has certainly led me to reassess a few of my previously held beliefs – I mean Ronald Reagan? A moderate?? Apparently so according to Troy. Troy’s agenda, certainly as it relates to the upcoming Presidential elections, is to encourage centrist policies that seek to emphasize core American values while avoiding partisan divisiveness. Troy recently penned an opinion piece for the Jerusalem Post that advocated the same perspective for Israel, and while our ostensibly centrist party, Kadima, lies in tatters due to Olmert’s slide in popularity, Troy’s perspective remains compelling:

Israelis have long displayed national unity during times of war – and in pursuit of peace. Israel needs — and deserves — a leader who can summon that same sense of national unity and fraternity to help make the country thrive day-to-day, not just survive a crisis.

Certainly thought provoking. I know that I will now view the upcoming Presidential campaigns from this perspective – The candidate most successful at capturing the center will historically be the one with the more successful Presidency. Thus far it seems that both McCain and Obama have heeded this historical lesson. As for Israel?


And aren’t Troy’s kids adorable??

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  • …and just for the record, I built Troy’s site. I met Gil at ROI and he is now on Sabbatical with his family in Jerusalem. We’re practically neighbors!