As Shabbat approaches… forget about naming a wing of a hospital or a yeshiva. Skip the idea of naming your syngaogue library. The big money is heading to Dubai.

In last week’s The Economist and Business Week magazines, there were full page advertisements inviting companies to purchase the naming rights for the new Dubai Metro rapid transit system stations.

I immediately began to ponder names for this state of the art (or state of the technology) transportation system. Unfortunately, there will be no Blue and White lines. The first two lines are the Red and the Green lines.

The system is being built at the behest of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Dubai’s population, which is expected to grow to 3 million souls (or at least commuting bodies) in the next ten years.

So I put on my thinking cap… names… Names… NAMES…
If I win the lottery and can purchase the naming rights of one or two stations… what would I call them? I am attracted to the Red Line, since it terminates near the American University in Dubai campus.

There are Jebel Ali Port Station; Stations 2 – 5; American University in Dubai; Internet City Station; Stations 8 – 9; Souk al Nakheel Station; the Financial City Station; Emirates Towers Station; and 35 stations in all until you hit the Airport Free Zone Station.

So far, All I could come up with so far are “HDR Square” for (Herzl-Dizengoff-Rabin) Station #2; and “Rashi-Rambam Station” for Station #3. Any other naming ideas? Jewlicious Station? I already inquired about pricing options. Let’s take up a collection.

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  • The Couscous of White station

    Spicy Kebab Square

    The Station that has no Name Station

    The Dope Station

    The Hibab Station

  • Moyshe Pipik Station

    Du buy, Ich sell Station

    Billy-Carter-can-kish-mein-tuchus Station