But first, a digression. Obama at AIPAC:

Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided!

You may have thought that you know what that means but luckily campaigns have aides who can later clarify the total bullshit unclear things their candidates say. As one aide put it the next day:

Two principles should apply to any outcome…Jerusalem remains Israel’s capital and it’s not going to be divided by barbed wire and checkpoints as it was in 1948-1967.

Like the famous quote ‘Divide we fall, United (by lack of barbed wire and checkpoints) we stand!’

It reminded muffti a bit of the time when as aide of Obama’s assured canadian officials, regarding free trade that Obama’s harsh criticism:

should be viewed as more about political positioning than a clear articulation of policy plans.

Of course Obama’s camp immeadiately denied that this clarification has been reflective of any lack of Obama-based antagonism to free trade:

At no point did anyone in our campaign convey to anyone that there had been any backing away from Obama’s position on Nafta.

Tricky issue, ain’t it. It’s not quite lying when you say one thing and your aides say another. But rather than clarifying, it looks like the work of aides often amounts to massive distortion.

*Just to be clear, by ‘God’ Muffti means ‘a person of mexican descent who will make the delicious burrito he plans to buy for lunch at his favourite mexican restaurant. God works in scrumptuous ways. He hopes that nobody got confused and took this as a retraction of any atheism on his behalf and apologizes for the potential ambiguous interpretation.

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