I’m not kidding, there is some great stuff being posted on that site. 60bloggers was put together, in part, by our own Rabbi Yonah and ck along with the Let My People Sing festival. It has asked 60 bloggers from all walks of life to contribute one piece each to commemorate Israel’s 60th. Many of the posts have been touching, funny, interesting, eye-opening, informative and simply good enough to warm the heart.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a few minutes to float around at 60bloggers.com to read some of the posts.

Among others, I recently enjoyed Dreams of Zion by Rabbi Bradley Artson, Sixty Things I Love about Israel by Benji Lovitt, 60 Years of Israeli Design, Art and Achievement by Ziva Haller Rubenstein, Gila Weiss’s ?האם תרצו, Sunsets of Peace by Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater, and, of course, Israel, Not a Travelogue by yours truly. There are also many other excellent contributions that I haven’t included but hope you’ll spend some time reading.

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