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The question of Barack Obama’s religion has been an issue so often that some confusion amongst registered voters is to be expected. In a recent Pew Poll, the one that found Obama ahead of McCain 48-40, respondents were asked what they thought Obama’s religion was. Only 57% said that he was Christian. 12% said he was Muslim. 25% didn’t know and 1% said he was Jewish.

Jewish?? I dunno, maybe they got him confused with former Israeli Prime Minister, and current Minister of Defense, deputy prime minister and leader of Israel’s Labor Party, Ehud Barack? 43% of registered voters were mistaken about or don’t know the Presidential front runner’s religion – that’s probably more troubling. So how many know the intricacies of his platform? How many know where Canada is on a map? Or Iraq?


From the comments section on the New Republic story:

williamyard said:
McCain campaign: “Obama will say or be anything to get elected. Now he’s a Jew!”
Obama campaign response: “Is it too much to ask to pick up the phone and call once in a while?”

Rhubarbs said:
Evangelical response: What? Obama’s a Christian? I thought you said he belonged to the UCC.
nbarry said:
If he were a Unitarian, he would be close enough to Judaism.

jhildner said:
Government assistance to Chinese restaurants to increase 10-fold under Obama’s Blueprint for Change.

Like I said… oy!

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  • Obama may be presidential but he’s not papabile, despite his attendance at a Catholic school. (Which hasn’t kept him from flip-flopping on vouchers: loudly in favor way, way back in February, sotto voce against as of June.)

  • Why is it that every time that the right wing Jews claim someone is an Anti Semite they try and find out if he is a self hating Jew by saying his Aunts dogs owner was Jewish.

  • Love how Unitarian is “close enough to Judaism”.

    !!יש 13 עיקרים (דאיהו 3) שהם יסודי לדתינו

  • According to his latest campaign speech in front of of AIPAC, he’s Jewish.

  • That was excellent, chutzpah! Beware of the flip-flop, though. He’s probably Yemeni by now.

  • The more impertinence and subversion on this site, the better, imho….

  • You can call me “Impertinent” instead of “Chutzpah” from now on if it makes you happy.