Who cares where Falafel originated? I want to be in Israel RIGHT NOW!

Question: If this video was shot in Israel, why did they use a photo of a California Falafel shop as a background. I’m assuming it’s California because where else do they advertise deep fried chick pea balls slathered in fattening sesame sauce and olive oil coated salad as “vegan?”

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  • OK, the chick in the shorts and red shirt is W-A-A-A-A-A-Y hotter than Sarah Silverman.

  • I might even to go so far as to say the one in the black is too, or atleast matches her.

  • Why is the origin of the falafel controversal?!!!

    Oh, because it´s arabian/muslim/terrorism food?!
    Well since Israeli food have not bless the world as falafel, hummos, kebab aso… why not just “annex” it as with everything eles that you do not like to acknowledge. “Create the fact” that falafel was eaten by jews 3500 years ago in the west bank somewhere and that the hateful “arabs” stole it because you didn´t want to become muslims and that´s it!